Where Can I Go Outside in Glasgow?

Discover Glasgow's outdoor treasures, from lush parks to scenic waterways, and embark on an adventure that beckons beyond the city's familiar paths.

Just as you're wondering where you can immerse yourself in the outdoors within Glasgow, you'll find that the city is brimming with green spaces and waterfront paths that beckon.

You've got over 90 parks and gardens at your disposal, from the sprawling expanses of Kelvingrove Park to the historical ambiance of Glasgow Green, each offering its unique blend of activities, from leisurely walks and vigorous cycling paths to sports facilities and picturesque picnic spots.

Not to mention, the River Clyde and the Clyde and Forth Canal present themselves as scenic backdrops for leisurely strolls or bike rides, with boat tours adding a different perspective to the city's charm.

Yet, this is just scratching the surface. Glasgow's outdoor allure extends beyond these well-trodden paths, inviting you to uncover its less spoken of gems. What awaits are the Necropolis, the Botanic Gardens, and the panoramic views from the Lighthouse, among others, promising a mix of adventure, tranquility, and breathtaking scenery.

So, why not lace up your walking shoes, prepare your picnic basket, and set out to explore? The question isn't where you can go outside in Glasgow, but where you'll choose to start.

Glasgow's Must-Visit Parks

Glasgow's lush tapestry of over 90 parks and gardens beckons you to explore its verdant expanses, where leisure and nature intertwine seamlessly. Imagine yourself meandering through Kelvingrove Park or lounging in Glasgow Green, each offering a unique slice of tranquility amidst the city's hustle. These green havens are perfect for a plethora of outdoor activities in Glasgow, from leisurely walks and cycling to engaging in sports or simply enjoying a picnic under the sky.

The River Clyde and Clyde and Forth Canal add to the city's charm, presenting you with picturesque pathways for walking or cycling, and opportunities for boating or fishing. You're not just limited to green spaces; sightseeing Glasgow's architectural marvels like the Glasgow School of Art or the Necropolis provides a different kind of outdoor adventure.

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To truly explore the city and its scenic spots, consider hopping on the City Centre's Hop-On Hop-Off Bus. It offers an effortless way to navigate between parks, landmarks, and the hidden gems of Glasgow. Whether you're after relaxation, sightseeing, or engaging in various activities, Glasgow's parks and outdoor offerings promise freedom and a refreshing escape from the urban routine.

Scenic Walking Trails

Embark on a journey through scenic walking trails that whisk you away from the city's bustle, leading you into the heart of Glasgow's natural beauty and historical grandeur. Here's why you should lace up your hiking boots:

  1. West Highland Way Hiking Tour: Join a small group of adventurers on a full-day hiking tour, with no more than eight hikers, and explore the breathtaking scenery of the Scottish Highlands. This experience promises not just a hike, but an immersion into the natural beauty and the chance to capture amazing photos.
  2. Oban and Glencoe Exploration: Opt for a full-day private tour that offers luxury transportation to the West Coast of Scotland. Here, you'll traverse the astounding landscapes of Glencoe and Oban, witnessing hidden glens and the majestic scenery of the Scottish Highlands, perfect for those who desire freedom and tranquility.
  3. Hidden Glen Adventure: Discover the dark, magical nature of a hidden glen in the forests near Glasgow during a 3-hour small-group journey. This trail offers a unique, off-the-beaten-path experience, merging the thrill of exploring the Highlands with the serene beauty of Scotland's natural wonders.

Each trail offers its own slice of the Highlands of Scotland, promising breathtaking scenery and unforgettable memories.

Outdoor Family Adventures

After exploring the scenic walking trails, it's time to gear up for outdoor family adventures that promise to bring you closer to Glasgow's wildlife and historical wonders. Imagine spending a day with Highland cows, walking alpacas, and delving into the heart of Scottish wildlife. Or, picture yourselves hiking the West Highland Way, where every step unveils a new facet of Scotland's breathtaking landscapes.

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Glasgow's outdoors beckons you with a blend of adventure and tranquility. From the mystical river Clyde to the serene Loch, every moment outdoors is a call to freedom. Embark on a Clyde Bridges Bike Tour, where the wind whispers secrets of the city's past. Glasgow Outdoor is not just an escape; it's a journey into the soul of Scotland.

Highland Cows & Wildlife CenterFull DayScottish Wildlife, Nature
West Highland Way HikeOne DayScottish Landscapes, Limited Group
Outlander & Outlaw King Tours6 HoursHistorical Sites, Scottish History
Dark Side of Magical Nature3 HoursHidden Glen, Mysterious Beauty
Bike TourFlexibleClyde, Bridges, Freedom

Dive into Glasgow's outdoor adventures, where freedom and the call of the wild invite you to explore.

Historic Outdoor Sites

Stepping into Glasgow's historic outdoor sites, you'll uncover a world where history and nature intertwine, offering breathtaking vistas and stories etched in the very landscape. Imagine walking the paths where figures like William Wallace and Robert Burns once stood, each step a journey through Scotland's rich past.

Here are three must-visit historic outdoor sites:

  1. Stirling Castle Tour: Experience the grandeur of Scottish history with a day tour to Stirling Castle. Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Scottish Highlands, this iconic fortress offers a glimpse into Scotland's turbulent past, including the legendary battles for independence.
  2. Loch Lomond and the Clyde and Argyll Hills: Venture beyond the city to explore the serene beauty of Loch Lomond, nestled amidst the picturesque Clyde and Argyll hills. A perfect escape for those seeking tranquility and a touch of adventure in Scotland's off-the-beaten paths.
  3. City and Clyde Bridges: Take a leisurely stroll along the river Clyde and marvel at the engineering marvels of the City and Clyde Bridges. These iconic structures serve as gateways to Glasgow's historical heart, connecting the bustling city with the serene landscapes of Argyll.
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Embrace your freedom to explore, and let Glasgow's historic outdoor sites transport you through time and beauty.

Glasgow's Best Gardens

Glasgow's lush gardens are a testament to the city's love for green spaces, offering you an oasis of tranquility amidst the urban hustle. Imagine strolling through vibrant blooms, with the stunning river Clyde as your backdrop, diving deep into Scotland's rich tapestry of nature. These gardens aren't just places; they're experiences that invite you to pause, breathe, and reconnect with the earth.

Garden NameHighlight FeatureWhy You'll Love It
Botanic GardensVictorian GlasshousesStep into a different world, filled with exotic plants and a historical ambiance that's both comfortable and personable.
Pollok Country ParkHighland Cattle & Pollok HouseFeel the essence of the Highlands in the city. The park's extensive grounds let you see the stunning river and even feel like you've stepped into a scene from near Loch Ness.
Glasgow GreenPeople's PalaceEnchanted by the Breathtaking historical context, it's a perfect spot for those who cherish Scotland's past and enjoy the best outdoor activities.
Hidden GardensArt InstallationsA true Hidden Gem, offering a serene escape where art and nature intertwine seamlessly, inviting introspection and peace.

Each garden tells a unique story, blending nature with Scotland's rich culture and history, making every visit a memorable journey.


As you've seen, Glasgow's a treasure chest of outdoor delights, waiting to be unlocked. From the lush expanses of Kelvingrove Park to the historic whispers of the Necropolis, there's a slice of nature for every soul.

Imagine the stories etched in the paths of Glasgow Green or the serene beauty of the Botanic Gardens. So, lace up your sneakers, grab your loved ones, and dive into the great outdoors.

Glasgow's not just a city; it's a playground under the open sky.