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Eyes Through Time – The Tram Home To Carthcart 1905

EYES THROUGH TIME The tram home to Cathcart, c 1905. This standard tram has open areas or "verandahs" at each end of the upper deck. The verandah design was introduced in 1904. Before then the top deck was completely open to the elements - an attractive feature in fine weather, but passengers would refuse

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Kyle Falconer captured in Glasgow

Glasgow Eyes  Street with a view! Captured in Glasgow Kyle Falconer pictured in Argyle Street The Dundee born singer is best known for fronting Scottish rock n roll band The View. You can catch Kyle at  TRNSMT festival this summer kicking off his new career as a solo artist. Exclusive Picture Brian Anderson for Glasgow

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Documenting Glasgow

 Documenting Glasgow I'm calling it Rear Window. Was stopped in my car at the lights, and looked across to see this face peering through a misted car window opposite me. Only got this one shot before the lights changed and we drove off. One of those situations that reminds you that it's good to always keep

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Singer Song-Writer Alex Lowe Captured in Glasgow

  Bit of a Hurricane swept into Glasgow Eyes last night with this exclusive photograph of Alex Lowe. Alex lead singer of British band Hurricane#1 currently touring the UK and have just finished the Shine festival. Hurricane#1 signed with Creation during the 90s with bands such as Oasis and The Jesus and Mary Chain have just

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