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February 27th 2021, the date of Steve Harley’s 70th birthday, the renowned performer and songwriter will host a truly unique show at Glasgow’s SEC Armadillo. For one very special night only, Steve will be adding a string section, gospel singers and more to the Cockney Rebel line-up.

The birthday show will be packed full of all-time favourites like ‘Mr Soft’, ‘Judy Teen’, ‘Mr Raffles’, ‘Sebastian’, and of course the world-wide classic hit, ‘Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)’.  There will also be some real surprises in this show which is sure to draw fans from all corners of the world.  There will be no repeat performances, this show is a true once off.

Steve comments, “It’s such a great age to reach, especially after the mayhem and risks I went through earlier in my career, that I fancied a seriously fabulous celebration. I’ve really had a charmed life and partying the night away on-stage in Glasgow on my Big Birthday seems appropriate. It’s a ripe old age, yes, but it’s better than the alternative!”

Pre-sale: Jan 29 at 9am / General sale: Jan 31 at 9am from