Staff at a Glasgow  hotel where an asylum seeker launched a knife attack were warned he was mentally unstable the night before he struck.

Fellow residents at the Park Inn had reported concerns about his mental state prior to the incident, and the warning was passed to staff in a phone call on Thursday evening.

News media has been told the Sudanese man had begun to behave erratically

One fellow resident recalled how he had told him how he wanted to attack other people in the hotel, including staff.

Other Sudanese asylum seekers had become scared of him and made their concerns known to a Glasgow-based liaison worker who deals with asylum issues.

The liaison worker phoned staff at the hotel reception desk at 11pm on the night before the attack to pass on the concerns.

The asylum seeker, who came to the United Kingdom six months ago, had been complaining about living conditions in the hotel and was having particular difficulty with noise.

During the consultation, he told the lawyer of his concern for the man’s state of mind

The solicitor said he would pass on the concerns to the “safeguarding” team at the Home Office, set up to protect people in vulnerable circumstances.

However, shortly after ending his call with the lawyer, the man launched the knife attack inside the hotel at 12.50pm.