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Legendary musician and one of the stars of the supergroup Simple Minds spoke to Glasgow Eyes today after he and the band were being inducted into the Barrowland Hall of Fame.

Derek Forbes pictured with his accolade on behalf of the Minds yesterday at the iconic venue and spoke exclusively to us on the historic music day for Glasgow.

Derek was also the very first musician to play a note in the Barrowland and the rest they say is history.


“It was with great pleasure today, that I received the beautiful glass sculpture, in recognition of Simple Minds contribution, and involvement, in the reopening of the Barrowland Ballroom. If my old Rock and Roll memory serves me right, it was the Autumn of 1983, when I was asked by Pete Irvine and Barry Wright, from Scotland’s finest promoters ‘Regular Music’, to fly up to Scotland, during the recording of ‘Sparkle in the Rain’, to see the Venue, with the remit, that I was to give the yay or nay, on whether we, Simple Minds, would play the opening Show, should I agree that it was a suitable Venue for ourselves and other bands of the time. The rest is History, as this beautiful old ballroom, passed muster with flying colours.

It was,  indeed, my bass guitar, which boomed out of the huge PA system, to herald the reopening, with our brand new track ‘Waterfront’. We were in Barrowland to film two videos, with a ‘Live’ audience. The other track was ‘Speed your love to me’…..Fast Forward to this morning, when I met up with Billy Coyle, the man in charge of the Hall of Fame, and much more….a true Legend of Barrowland himself. Billy was accompanied by Brian Anderson, the well-known photojournalist, who has photographed a plethora of ‘well ken’t faces’ of Rock and beyond”…


“I have a few irons in the fire, and all will be revealed very soon, so, watch this space…meanwhile, you can check out my new album with Anni Hogan,, ex Marc and the Mambas, as Marc Almond’s musical director and co-writer. Together, Anni and I have written and produced the album ‘Broken Hearted City’ and it’s on Downwards Records, iTunes etc”

We would like to wish Derek all the best for the future.

Pics Brian Anderson


Portrait by Brian Anderson Legendary Derek Forbes

Derek with Billy Coyle, Picture Brian Anderson