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Fife band Shambolics will take to the stage tomorrow at the 700-capacity Lourenzos in Dunfermline.

It will be three years to the day since the band played to just a handful of people in the town.

That escalation of support will be a “monumental” achievement in itself, according to the band’s singer Darren Forbes.

But after a self-proclaimed “bumpy road” during 2018 resulting in drummer line-up changes and a few other ‘issues’, Darren, who runs Eggman Studios in Dunfermline, also hopes that the prestigious gig will prove to be the launch pad for a successful year ahead.

“It’s going to be good,” Darren, 24, from Kirkcaldy, told the local press in Fife.

Glasgow Eyes caught us with the lads a few weeks ago and will feature in a new music book by Brian Anderson one of the UK’s most noted photographers, our photographer has photographed some of the biggest names in music like the Bay City Rollers, Pete Doherty and Johnny Marr to name just a few, said today ” totally chance meeting in Glasgow in 2017 I saw the Shams picking up an award at a music event and the hairs in the back of my neck stood up”.


“These guys will go all the way in music”. The book Eye Can Hear The Music is a 10-year journey through Glasgow’s music scene and will be released around Dec 15.

The Shambolics have also released their new single My Time Is Now filmed at legendary King Tutts in Glasgow this year.


Picture from the book Eye Can Hear The Music by Brian Anderson








*Shambolics, Lourenzos, Dunfermline, December 1