Rick Steves Great Britain Review: Essential Travel Guide

Looking for the perfect travel guide for your trip to Great Britain? Look no further than Rick Steves Great Britain.

With all the must-see destinations, practical tips, and expert advice, this essential companion will ensure you have a memorable journey.

Whether you're a first-time traveler or a seasoned explorer, Rick Steves' expertise will guide you every step of the way.

So get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure with Rick Steves Great Britain as your trusted companion.

Key Takeaways

  • Rick Steves Great Britain is highly recommended for travelers and is considered a must-have before going on a trip.
  • The book provides essential information and usable travel tips for planning and prioritizing destinations in the UK.
  • It covers a lot of information, including smaller sites and villages, which is appreciated by readers.
  • However, the book has some limitations, such as lacking information about certain areas, being challenging to use for quick information, and not being a thorough guide that covers all highlights of the UK.


When exploring Great Britain, you'll definitely want to check out the highlights that Rick Steves' travel guide recommends. This comprehensive guide is a treasure trove of information about the top attractions and hidden gems in the country. Rick Steves has done the legwork for you, meticulously selecting the must-see places that will make your trip unforgettable.

From iconic landmarks like Big Ben and Stonehenge to lesser-known treasures like the charming village of Bibury and the stunning landscapes of the Lake District, this guide covers it all. With Rick Steves' expert recommendations, you can explore the best of Great Britain, immersing yourself in its rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking beauty.

Don't miss out on these incredible highlights that will make your journey truly remarkable.

Contents Overview

As you delve into Rick Steves' Great Britain travel guide, you'll find a comprehensive overview of its contents that will help you plan your trip effectively. This travel guide is packed with useful tips and provides comprehensive coverage of all the must-see destinations in Great Britain.

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Whether you're interested in exploring the bustling city of London, the historic sites of Edinburgh, or the picturesque countryside of the Cotswolds, Rick Steves has you covered. The guide includes detailed maps, suggested itineraries, and insider advice on where to eat, stay, and what to do.

From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, this guide ensures you don't miss out on anything during your trip. With Rick Steves' Great Britain travel guide in hand, you'll have all the information you need to make the most of your visit to this beautiful country.

Pros and Cons

With Rick Steves' Great Britain travel guide, you'll find a balanced assessment of its pros and cons.

The strengths of this guidebook lie in its comprehensive information and helpful travel tips. It's praised for being a must-have for travelers planning a trip to Great Britain, providing essential knowledge on where to go and what to see. The inclusion of smaller sites and villages is also appreciated.

However, there are some weaknesses to consider. The book lacks information on certain areas like Cornwall, and its thick paperback format with small print and few photos may not appeal to everyone. Content searches can be tedious, and the guide skips some highlights of the UK.

While some travelers rely on this guide, others have found it challenging to use and not as handy for quick information.

Detailed Features

If you're looking for a travel guide that provides detailed features and information, Rick Steves' Great Britain is the perfect choice.

This comprehensive guidebook offers interactive maps and practical travel tips to enhance your trip to the UK. With its user-friendly design, you'll find it easy to navigate and plan your itinerary.

The book includes detailed descriptions of popular attractions, as well as lesser-known sites and villages that are worth exploring. Whether you're interested in history, culture, or outdoor adventures, Rick Steves has you covered.

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The interactive maps allow you to zoom in and out, making it easy to locate attractions and plan your routes. Additionally, the practical travel tips provide valuable advice on transportation, accommodations, and dining options.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to make the most of your trip with Rick Steves' Great Britain guidebook.

Final Thoughts

Don't hesitate to grab a copy of Rick Steves' Great Britain guidebook for an unforgettable trip to the UK. Overall, the book offers a wealth of essential information and travel tips that will greatly enhance your experience. Its compact size makes it easy to carry around during your travels.

Additionally, watching Rick Steves' video series can complement the book and provide further insights into the destinations you'll be visiting.

However, it's important to note that the book does have some drawbacks. Some readers have mentioned that it lacks information about certain areas, such as Cornwall. Additionally, the book's small print, limited use of color, and few photos may make it challenging for some readers.

Despite these drawbacks, Rick Steves' Great Britain guidebook is still highly recommended for its valuable content and helpful travel advice.

Concluding Thoughts

For a comprehensive and reliable travel companion, look no further than Rick Steves' Great Britain guidebook. This essential travel guide provides you with all the information you need to plan your trip to the UK. After exploring the book and utilizing its resources, here are our final impressions:

Overall EvaluationFinal Impressions
5/5 StarsRick Steves' Great Britain guidebook is a must-have for any traveler heading to the UK. It covers a wide range of destinations, from popular cities to hidden gems, and provides detailed information on what to see and do. The book is well-organized, making it easy to navigate and find the information you need. While it may not be the most visually appealing guidebook, its wealth of knowledge more than makes up for it. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, Rick Steves' guidebook will ensure you have an unforgettable trip to Great Britain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Rick Steves' Great Britain Travel Guide Compare to Other Travel Guides on the Market?

Rick Steves' Great Britain travel guide stands out among other travel guides on the market. It provides essential information and travel tips, but has drawbacks like limited coverage and challenging navigation.

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What Are Some Specific Tips or Recommendations Provided in the Book for Travelers to Great Britain?

The book provides specific tips and recommendations for travelers to Great Britain. It offers insights on must-visit destinations, travel tips, and useful information. The book is a valuable resource for anyone planning a trip to the UK.

Does the Book Provide Information on Transportation Options Within Great Britain?

The book offers helpful information on transportation options and getting around Great Britain. It provides details on various modes of transportation, making it easier for you to navigate the country during your trip.

Are There Any Specific Regions or Areas of Great Britain That Are Not Covered in the Book?

The book does not cover specific regions or areas of Great Britain. It focuses on providing information about popular destinations, but some lesser-known places may not be included in the book.

How Does the Book Complement Rick Steves' Video Series on Traveling in Great Britain?

The book complements Rick Steves' video series on traveling in Great Britain by providing additional information and travel tips. It offers a comparison of pros and cons, enhancing your understanding of the destinations and helping you plan your trip effectively.