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The NHS is to receive £145m in emergency funding to help it cope with the pressures of winter.

The funding, announced by the Department of Health and Social Care, will be used to upgrade wards and A&E departments and provide up to 900 new beds.

The cash injection is an attempt to soften the impact of winter on an already-stretched system.

While the government has announced a 3.4%, five-year funding increase that will be worth £20bn a year by 2023-24, the benefit will not be felt in NHS budgets until next year.

That has led to concern that hospitals and GPs will again struggle to cope with increased demand.

Last year many services were swamped and A&E performance was the worst-ever recorded against current targets.

With Prime Minister Theresa May keen to emphasise the government’s financial support for the NHS, the prospect of hospitals and ambulance services again being overwhelmed is politically unattractive.