By Brian Anderson

A brand new new cocktail bar and club is set for a grand opening in Glasgow this weekend.

The new bar Kilts & Kocktails is on the site of Bar Budda which closed its doors last month.

The opening launch is off to a winner with the appearance of Jason Belfort aka The Wolf of Wall street, played by Hollywood legend Leoardo Di Caprio in the blockbuster Wolf of Wall Street.

Staff will be donning their  kilts to serve you speciality cocktails, wine, whisky and gin.

Anyone kilted out on the night will be treated to a free cocktail by the venue, the new bar will have drums and roses kicking things of with live music on friday and Saturday , then DJs into the wee hours.

So get along and party with an absoule legendary party animal Wolf of Wall street

A massive coup for any venue in the city and is set to be a blockbuster of a weekend in Kilts & Kocktails.

The Wolf will arrive on Saturday night after performing at the SEC