“My life started on April Fool’s day in 1958 in South Charleston, West Virginia. I was the third female child of Woodrow and Clara Hamilton, and God made sure there was a joke in it for all three of us,” and thus began the life of the free spirit, Vicky Lynn Hamilton.
Her story is one of a real-life fairy tale and this journalist has experienced first-hand the oncoming thunderstorm following last October’s trip to New York for the launch of the second edition of her book, Appetite for Dysfunction.
She’s been there and done it all and is still going strong even to this day, a plethora of musicians having passed through the thunderstorm and come out the other side stronger, better, more able than when entering.
Presently having a direct hand in the career progression of musicians like Love Past Blue, Darbi Shaun, Damian Sage and Ray Goren, Ms Hamilton’s list of clients is long and extensive and goes through music stardom – Motley Crue, Stryper, Poison, Guns N’ Roses, Faster Pussycat, and her crowning glory, June Carter Cash.
Encapsulating the adage that dreams do come true, Vicky left home for Los Angeles and, although it took a little time, she did what she intended, after working in clubs and record stores that is.
But her love of life, her love for music, and a lot of persistence helped her through it all.
“I fall in love with the potential of music, it’s such an amazing feeling when you know you have helped people reach their goals, sometimes I am moved to tears of joy for them,” said Vicky.
“June Carter Cash use to say every day when we would go to work “Let’s go make a little history,” sometimes we do just that.
“I have led an interesting life with a lot of ups and downs. Not all ending are happy…no rain, no rainbows.
“The fame is a mixed bag, but the joy of knowing in your heart that you helped make musical history, which means something.”
It’s not about the fame and fortune though, but, look through the past four decades of music history and you’ll soon see the name crop up. A name which threads and weaves its way through the industry like the thunderstorm she is.
Moving forward, whilst still repping some fine musicians, Vicky still has plenty of life in her, plenty of mileage on the clock, and a story still to tell and I for one am honoured to be in for some of that ride.
Any lover of life, lover of music in general, should check out Appetite for Dysfunction, the updated edition including a new chapter, I’m a Thunderstorm, brings things right up to date (and yes, this journalist is even mentioned in the thank you’s).
Hollywood’s go-to-girl since the eighties is still just that, and she’s certainly nobody’s April Fool as the music industry should, and rightly so, celebrate the birthday of one of its finest A&R Executives.
“I’m a spiritual surfer and I don’t know where the wave is coming from, however when it shows up I’m going to ride it.”
Signed copies of Appetite for Dysfunction are available from whilst there is also The Trip of a Lifetime, this journalist’s once in a lifetime trip to New York also available.
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