The Muldoons to headline indie music night at Òran Mór – West End Festival latest
Get your tickets for Òran Mór before they sell out, this is The Muldoons only scheduled Scottish date.
The Muldoons New Single
The Muldoons, one of Scotlands most exciting indie guitar bands, have released their second single ‘Don’t Be Like That, Girl’ on BeSquare Records. The B-side is a version of Echo & The Bunnymen classic, The Killing Moon and has been described as ‘exceptional’ & ‘beautiful’ by critics.
The Muldoons will also headline a night of indie music with some of Scotland’s best up and coming artists at Òran Mór on 21st June as part of the West End Festival.
If you haven’t heard The Muldoons yet, here’s what the critics said about their first single ‘Lovely Things’
“this new single is truly brilliant! The two songs “Lovely Things” and “Rub it In” are lovely and jangly, with all the right influences. They give me goosebumps! Oh these Scottish janglers, they always know how to do indiepop the right way.” Cloudberry Records
The Muldoons are steeped in the finest traditions of Scottish indie music. The band were all born and grew up around the much loved, but neglected council estates of Paisley in Scotland. The melodic, jangling guitars, fast edgy riffs and sweet vocal melodies draw on the best influences of 80s and 90s indie music but with a modern perspective. The members all have deep roots in Scotland’s indie music scene, including Greg Bolland who’s first band, The Church Grims, can claim to have helped give birth to the indie guitar movement in the late 80s.
In 2018 The Muldoons first single, Lovely Things, attracted strong attention and radio play across the UK, Europe and USA. Their optimistic, high tempo, indie guitar music caught a mood and saw them play sell out gigs at King Tuts, O2 ABC with a rousing homecoming at Paisleys Indie Festival.
The Muldoons are not attempting to re-invent music, but they want to re-ignite the passion for songs about ordinary life with the kinds of melodies and energy that first burst into life on record players in the grim estates in forgotten towns like Paisley. 2019 promises to be an exciting year for The Muldoons with the single Don’t Be Like That Girl ready for release and an album to follow in the summer.
Line Up
Gerry Mullen (vocals)
Bobby Corrigan (guitar)
Andy McPake (drums)
Greg Bolland (trumpet, melodica)
Davy Brook (bass)
Get your tickets for Òran Mór before they sell out, this is The Muldoons only scheduled Scottish date.