Is the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow Open?

The iconic Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow is open, but there's more to its story that you don't want to miss.

Hey there, curious about the status of the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow?

Well, here's the scoop – the iconic Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow has been a landmark in the city for over a century, and its doors are still open to guests today.

But there's more to this story than just a simple 'yes' or 'no'. Keep on reading to uncover the details on what makes this historic hotel a must-visit destination in the heart of Glasgow.

Key Takeaways

  • The Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow is an iconic landmark that has been open for over a century.
  • The hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Glasgow, adjacent to Glasgow Central Station.
  • The hotel offers comfortable guest rooms with a range of options from Cosy singles to Suites.
  • The hotel's Champagne Central bar has been recognized as the Best Hotel Bar, serving glamorous cocktails.

History of the Grand Central Hotel

Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of the Grand Central Hotel as we delve into its origins and evolution, revealing the stories woven into the fabric of this iconic Glasgow landmark.

The voco Grand Central Glasgow is housed within one of the city's most historic and impressive buildings, boasting a legacy that dates back to the late 19th century. The hotel's corridors have welcomed an illustrious array of guests, including the likes of Winston Churchill and Frank Sinatra, adding to its allure and charm.

The original features of the Grand Central Hotel still stand proudly today, a testament to its enduring grandeur and timeless elegance. From the ornate ceilings to the exquisite woodwork, the hotel's architecture is a captivating blend of old-world opulence and contemporary luxury.

As you walk through the doors of this historic establishment, you can almost feel the echoes of its storied past reverberating through the corridors, making it a truly remarkable destination for those seeking a glimpse into Glasgow's rich heritage.

Location and Accessibility

Conveniently nestled in the heart of Glasgow, the Grand Central Hotel offers easy access to the city's vibrant attractions and amenities. Adjacent to Glasgow Central Station, the hotel provides seamless accessibility for travelers arriving by train. Its central location also means that guests are just minutes away from the subway, making it convenient to explore the city and beyond.

Whether you're interested in visiting the West End bars, catching a show at The OVO Hydro, or attending an event at the Scottish Exhibition Centre, the hotel's proximity makes it a convenient base for your explorations.

Furthermore, for those flying into Glasgow, the Grand Central Hotel offers a shuttle service to Glasgow Airport, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey to and from the hotel. This accessibility feature adds to the overall convenience of staying at the Grand Central Hotel, allowing you to focus more on enjoying your time in Glasgow.

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Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, the hotel's prime location and accessibility options make it an ideal choice for your stay in Glasgow.

Hotel Amenities and Services

Nestled in the heart of Glasgow, the Grand Central Hotel not only offers seamless accessibility to the city's vibrant attractions and amenities but also provides a range of impressive amenities and services for its guests to enjoy.

  1. Comfortable guest rooms with voco™ touches, offering a range of room options from Cosy singles to Suites with separate living areas.
  2. Magnificent marble-clad Champagne Central bar for great champagne, cocktails, light bites, and afternoon tea.
  3. The Restaurant that offers a hearty Scottish breakfast, providing a convenient dining option within the hotel.
  4. Ideal venue for meetings and events with 6 flexible meeting rooms, suitable for various corporate and social gatherings.

The voco Grand Central Hotel has been playing host for years, providing guests with an elegant experience. The adjoining Glasgow Central station makes it a convenient choice for travelers. The hotel's Champagne Central bar has been recognized as the Best Hotel Bar, serving glamorous cocktails for guests to indulge in. Additionally, the hotel's proximity to attractions such as the Holiday Inn Express ensures that guests have access to a wide range of facilities and services during their stay.

Accommodation Options

With a variety of room types designed to cater to different preferences, the voco Grand Central Glasgow ensures a comfortable and tailored accommodation experience for every guest. Whether you're looking for a cozy retreat or a luxurious stay, the accommodation options at the hotel offer something for everyone. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:

Room TypeDescription
Cosy SinglesPerfect for solo travelers, these rooms offer comfort and convenience for a peaceful stay.
Classic Doubles/TwinsWell-appointed rooms providing a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for a weekend away in grandeur.
Suites with Living AreasFor those seeking extra space and luxury, these suites offer separate living areas and added comfort.

In addition to the comfortable rooms, the hotel's proximity to Glasgow Central station ensures convenient access to transportation, making it an ideal choice for travelers. Moreover, guests can enjoy the opulent Champagne Lounge and award-winning Champagne Central bar, adding an extra touch of grandeur to their stay. Whether you're visiting for work or leisure, the hotel's accommodation options, along with amenities like free Wi-Fi, are designed to elevate your experience in Glasgow.

Dining and Entertainment Offerings

Whether you're winding down from a day of exploring Glasgow's attractions or getting ready for an evening of entertainment, the dining options and entertainment offerings at the Grand Central Hotel are designed to elevate your experience to new heights.

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Champagne Central: Indulge in a luxurious experience at the Champagne Central, where you can savor exquisite Champagne, cocktails, light bites, and delightful afternoon tea. The elegant setting provides the perfect ambiance for pre-dinner relaxation and enjoyment.

Glasgow Ballroom: Step into the grandeur of the Grand Room of Glasgow Ballroom, which hosts weddings and charity events, offering a magnificent setting for special occasions and entertainment gatherings. The opulent surroundings ensure a memorable and grand experience.

Gift Experiences: Embrace the opportunity for unique and memorable experiences with gift packages that include overnight stays, cocktails, and dinner. It's a thoughtful way to enjoy the hotel's dining and entertainment offerings.

Convenient Location: The hotel's prime location allows easy exploration of nearby attractions, such as George Square and Buchanan Street's fashion boutiques. This enhances the overall entertainment options, ensuring that you have a fulfilling and enjoyable visit.

The Grand Central Hotel's elegant Georgian architecture and Art Deco interiors, combined with its fantastic dining and entertainment offerings, create an atmosphere that truly elevates your experience in Glasgow.

Wedding and Event Facilities

The wedding and event facilities at voco Grand Central Glasgow offer a romantic and comprehensive setting in the heart of Glasgow's city center, providing tailored packages and iconic backdrops for memorable experiences.

As one of the city's most historic venues, the Grand Central Hotel Glasgow exudes historical grandeur, making it a perfect choice for couples seeking a timeless and elegant setting for their special day. The Grade-II listed building serves as a stunning backdrop for weddings and charity events, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for guests and locals alike.

Moreover, the hotel boasts 6 flexible meeting rooms, ideal for hosting a variety of events, from intimate gatherings to larger celebrations. The elegant Georgian architecture and Art Deco interiors lend a grand atmosphere to any occasion, ensuring that every event held at the hotel is truly special.

Whether you're planning a wedding or organizing a corporate event, the wedding and event facilities at the Grand Central Hotel Glasgow are open and ready to provide a breathtaking backdrop for your memorable experience.

Health and Safety Measures

Amidst the grandeur and elegance of voco Grand Central Glasgow's historic wedding and event facilities, the hotel has implemented enhanced health and safety measures to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for all guests and staff.

Enhanced cleaning protocols are in place throughout the hotel, providing you with peace of mind and a hygienic space to enjoy your stay.

Hand sanitizing stations are readily available at various points within the hotel, promoting hand hygiene and reducing the spread of germs, so you can relax and experience Glasgow with confidence.

Social distancing measures, including signage and floor markings, help you maintain a safe distance from others, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience at voco Grand Central Glasgow.

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Our knowledgeable staff is trained in health and safety protocols and equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment, prioritizing the well-being of both guests and themselves. You can feel reassured that your safety is our top priority.

At voco Grand Central Glasgow, the health and safety of our guests are of utmost importance, allowing you to focus on enjoying all that this iconic hotel and the bustling Glasgow station concourse have to offer.

Guest Reviews and Testimonials

Impressions and experiences shared by guests at voco Grand Central Glasgow reflect a consistently positive 4.0 rating based on 5,319 reviews, highlighting the hotel's commitment to cleanliness, comfort, and historic preservation. Guests have praised the Champagne Lounge and restaurant, expressing their intention to return in the future. Minor issues were promptly resolved by the staff, earning high ratings and recommendations from couples, business travelers, and families. The hotel's staff is commended for their friendly and welcoming service, with positive comments about the check-in and check-out experiences.

AspectGuest Comments
CleanlinessGuests consistently praise the hotel's cleanliness and attention to detail.
ComfortMany guests highlight the comfort of the rooms and the overall relaxing atmosphere.
Historic PreservationPositive feedback on the preservation of the historic building, adding to the charm of the hotel.
Champagne LoungeGuests express delight in the experience at the Champagne Lounge, adding to their overall enjoyment of the stay.
Hollywood StarsThe hotel's historic connection to Hollywood stars adds an intriguing element to the guest experience.

Contact Information and Booking Details

Whether you're looking to make a reservation, inquire about availability, or plan a special event, the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow offers multiple convenient options for contacting and booking your stay.

  1. Phone and Email:

To make reservations or inquiries, call +44 (0) 141 240 3700 or email The hotel's staff is ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

  1. Online Booking:

Visit the hotel's official website at to use the easy online booking system. It's a quick and efficient way to secure your stay in the heart of the city.

  1. Group Bookings and Events:

For group bookings or events, reach out to the hotel's dedicated events team at They can help you plan and organize a memorable gathering in Glasgow.

  1. Address and Social Media:

The hotel is located at 99 Gordon St, Glasgow G1 3SF, United Kingdom. Additionally, connect with the Grand Central Hotel on social media for updates, promotions, and a glimpse into the city's vibrant scene.

Contact the Grand Central Hotel through any of these channels to ensure a seamless and enjoyable stay in Glasgow.