How Much Is an All Day Ticket on First Bus Glasgow?

The cost of an all-day ticket on First Bus Glasgow varies by zone, and there are different ticket options for adults, children, students, and families—find out which one suits your travel needs!

Curious about the cost of an all-day ticket on First Bus Glasgow?

You've probably noticed that the FirstDay ticket offers unlimited travel within a specific zone for the entire day. But how much does it actually cost?

Well, the price varies depending on the zone you're traveling in, and there are also different ticket options for adults, children, students, and families.

Whether you're a regular commuter or just planning a day of exploring around Glasgow, understanding the pricing and ticket types available can help you make the most of your travel plans.

Key Takeaways

  • Adult FirstDay tickets for City/Local Zones cost £5.40 and for Network Zones cost £7.25.
  • Child FirstDay tickets for network-wide travel cost £2.50 and can only be purchased on the bus.
  • FirstDay tickets are valid until 1 am on the day after purchase and are not valid on Night Bus services or the Glasgow Airport Express service 500.
  • Consider purchasing flexible day ticket bundles, such as the 15-in-28 bundle, for cost savings and utilize the Journey Planner for finding the most cost-effective ticket option.

All-Day Ticket Pricing

When purchasing an all-day ticket from First Bus Glasgow, you can choose between different pricing options depending on your travel needs.

The adult FirstDay Ticket for City/Local Zones is priced at £5.40, while the adult FirstDay Ticket for Network Zones costs £7.25. For children requiring network-wide travel, the Child FirstDay Ticket is available for £2.50.

These tickets are valid until 1 am on the day after purchase, offering great flexibility for those needing to travel every day.

If you're a regular commuter, you might want to consider the monthly ticket, which could save you money compared to purchasing individual day tickets.

With the convenience of the First Bus App, purchasing and using these tickets has never been easier. Mobile tickets could even be delivered straight to your mobile, making the entire process seamless.

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Whether you opt for an all-day ticket or a monthly ticket, the First Bus App and mobile tickets provide a convenient and efficient delivery method for your travel needs on the Glasgow Bus network.

Ticket Types and Inclusions

Considering the ticket types and inclusions available from First Bus Glasgow, you have various options to suit your travel needs, building on the previous discussion of all-day ticket pricing.

The adult FirstDay ticket allows unlimited travel for one day within the City/Local zone for £5.40 and within the Network zone for £7.25. It's also available for children, students, and families. You can conveniently purchase this ticket on the bus or through the mobile app.

For more extended travel needs, the FirstWeek ticket offers unlimited travel for seven days within the City/Local or Network zone for £20.40, catering to adults, children, and students. Additionally, the First4Week ticket provides unlimited travel for four weeks and can be purchased through the app, with different prices for City/Local and Network zones.

It's important to note that FirstDay tickets aren't valid on Night Bus services or the Glasgow Airport Express service 500 and are non-refundable.

When traveling towards Service 90, be aware that it may divert due to bridge works, so it's essential to consider alternative routes and plan your travel accordingly.

Where to Purchase

You can purchase First Bus Glasgow tickets online and have them delivered to your door or sent directly to your mobile phone. This convenient option allows you to buy tickets from the comfort of your own home and eliminates the need to wait in line at ticket counters or vending machines. Additionally, mobile tickets can be used immediately, providing a hassle-free experience and potential cost savings. For those who prefer traditional delivery, tickets can also arrive by post, giving you flexibility in how you receive your tickets. To explore the various ticket options available and find the best fit for your travel needs, visit the ticket prices page on the First Bus Glasgow website. Whether you're looking for an all day ticket for Service 90 in Greater Glasgow or any other ticket type, the website provides comprehensive information on purchasing and delivery methods. Furthermore, Child FirstDay tickets are exclusively available for purchase on the bus and cater to young travelers aged 15 or younger. For those interested in mobile ticket options, popular pickup locations include Dumbreck Road, QEUH/Partick, and Nithsdale Road.

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Ticket Purchase OptionsDescription
OnlineConvenient ticket purchase and delivery options available on the First Bus Glasgow website.
Mobile TicketsImmediate usability and potential cost savings; can be sent directly to your mobile phone.
Post DeliveryTraditional delivery method for those who prefer to have tickets arrive by post.

Validity and Restrictions

After exploring the various ticket purchase options, it is important to understand the validity and restrictions associated with First Bus Glasgow's all-day tickets. FirstDay tickets provide unlimited travel within specific zones for varying prices, with validity until 1 am on the day after purchase. However, they have restrictions on Night Bus services and the Glasgow Airport Express service 500. Child FirstDay tickets are available for network-wide travel and can only be purchased on the bus for customers aged 15 or younger. Additionally, North Lanarkshire FirstDay tickets are available for local travel in the North Lanarkshire Zone at a set price of £4.00. Partick | Hospital Connect offers all-day travel between Partick interchange and QEUH at a price of £3.65. It's important to note that certain routes may be subject to diversions or alterations due to events, roadworks, or other circumstances. For instance, bridge works at Shields Road, Phoenix Road, and St Georges Place may affect the normal service, so it's essential to check for any temporary changes in service when using your all-day ticket.

Tips for Maximizing Value

To maximize the value of your First Bus Glasgow all-day ticket, consider purchasing the flexible day ticket bundles available. These bundles can offer cost savings if you don't travel every day.

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The FirstDay Ticket allows unlimited travel across the city or local zones for just £5.40. If you need to travel in the network zone, you can get the ticket for £7.25. This makes it an economical option for a full day's travel.

If you're not a daily traveler, the 15-in-28 bundle provides flexibility and potential savings. This option allows you to use your tickets on any 15 days within a 28-day period.

To make things even more convenient, take advantage of mobile tickets. These tickets can be used immediately and offer potential cost savings. Plus, you don't have to wait for tickets to arrive by post.

To find the best ticket option based on your travel frequency and number of trips per day, utilize the Journey Planner. This tool will help you determine the most cost-effective choice.

Consider tapping on and tapping off (TOTO) for fare flexibility based on the distance traveled. This can help you save money if you're not traveling long distances.

Stay informed about any service diversions or road closures. For example, there will be bridge works that may divert Service 90 operating on Nithsdale Road starting Monday. Additionally, there are closures on Phoenix Road. Knowing about these diversions and closures will help you plan your travel routes and ensure you make the most of your all-day ticket's coverage.