How Many Hotel Rooms Are There in Glasgow?

Mulling a trip to Glasgow? Discover the surprising number of hotel rooms in the city and the impending changes set to transform its hospitality scene.

So, you're planning a trip to Glasgow and wondering about the availability of hotel rooms in the city. You might be surprised to learn that Glasgow currently has a total of 15,000 hotel rooms spread across 78 hotels and 31 hotel chains.

However, with the upcoming COP26 climate conference and the expected influx of 25,000 guests, there seems to be a shortage of accommodations. The city has plans to address this shortage by building an additional 2,500 hotel rooms by 2023, with a significant portion already completed and more underway.

This increase in hotel room capacity is poised to have a significant impact on the city's hospitality landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • The number of hotel rooms in Glasgow has been steadily increasing in recent years, with a net increase of 11 hotels and a total of 15,000 hotel rooms currently available.
  • Plans are underway to add an additional 2,500 hotel rooms by 2023, with permission granted for 12 more hotels and ten more developments.
  • The distribution of hotel rooms in Glasgow includes a wide range of star ratings, offering options for various budgets and preferences.
  • Peak season occupancy rates, influenced by major events like COP26, can lead to a shortage of accommodations and potential price increases. Visitors are advised to book in advance.

Glasgow's Hotel Industry Overview

Experiencing rapid growth, Glasgow's hotel industry has seen a significant increase in available rooms, signaling a positive trend in the city's hospitality sector. With the number of hotel rooms in Greater Glasgow increasing from 8,852 in 2012 to 10,741 in 2019, there's been a net increase of 11 hotels, indicating substantial growth. This growth is particularly evident in areas like Merchant City, where new hotels have emerged to cater to the rising demand for accommodations.

However, the current shortage of available rooms, with only 15,000 hotel rooms in Glasgow, has become apparent due to the 25,000 guests attending COP26. This scarcity has led to the need for alternative accommodation arrangements, highlighting the high demand for lodging during major events in the city.

Despite the potential pressure on revenue per available room (RevPAR) and average daily rates, Glasgow has ambitious plans to add 2,500 hotel rooms by 2023, with 42% already completed and an additional 3,500 in the pipeline. These efforts aim to not only address the current shortage but also to achieve three million overnight visits per year by 2023, further bolstering Glasgow's hospitality sector.

Factors Affecting Hotel Room Availability

Factors affecting hotel room availability in Greater Glasgow include:

  • The number of international events and conferences, such as COP26, which can lead to increased demand for hotel rooms, particularly in the Glasgow City Centre.
  • The addition of new hotels and the overall increase in hotel room supply, which can influence the availability of accommodations in Glasgow, offering more options for overnight stays.
  • Long-term demand fundamentals, including international visitors and overnight stays, play a significant role in determining the availability of hotel rooms in Glasgow. These factors contribute to the overall accommodation availability and choice in the city.
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As Glasgow continues to develop and expand its hotel industry, these factors will play a crucial role in shaping the availability of hotel rooms, providing diverse options for visitors and meeting the demand for accommodations in the city.

Total Number of Hotel Rooms in Glasgow

Glasgow boasts a total of 15,000 hotel rooms available for the United Nations climate conference, COP26, resulting in a shortage of accommodations in the city. With the influx of visitors, finding a place to stay might be challenging. Below is a comparison of two popular hotel options in Glasgow: Styles Glasgow Centre and Garden Inn.

HotelNumber of Rooms
Styles Glasgow Centre300
Garden Inn180

Glasgow's hotel industry has been growing steadily, with an increase from 8,852 hotel rooms in 2012 to 10,741 in 2019. The city is also in the process of adding more rooms, with plans to build an additional 2,500 hotel rooms by 2023. Investors have shown keen interest, with permission granted for 12 more hotels and ten more developments at various planning stages. However, the anticipated 46% increase in rooms from new projects may put pressure on revenue per available room. Despite these challenges, Glasgow remains an attractive destination for both visitors and investors in the hotel sector.

Distribution of Hotel Rooms by Star Rating

As you plan your stay in Glasgow for COP26, it's essential to consider the distribution of hotel rooms by star rating to ensure you find accommodations that meet your specific needs and preferences.

The distribution of hotel rooms by star rating in Glasgow varies, offering a range of options for different preferences and budgets.

  • Diverse Options: Glasgow's 78 hotels and 31 hotel chains encompass a wide range of star ratings, from budget-friendly to luxury accommodations, catering to various preferences and budgets.
  • Varied Market Shares: Major chains such as Jurys Inns, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Radisson Blu, Principal Hotel Company, and Holiday Inn Express each hold different market shares and offer hotel rooms with varying star ratings, providing guests with a variety of choices.
  • Quality and Comfort: With the increasing number of hotel rooms in Greater Glasgow, there's a growing emphasis on providing high-quality accommodations across different star ratings, ensuring guests can find comfortable stays regardless of their budget.

Considering the distribution of hotel rooms by star rating will allow you to select accommodations that align with your expectations, ensuring a pleasant and satisfying stay during the conference.

Peak Season Occupancy Rates

To ensure a successful and stress-free visit during peak seasons in Glasgow, it's crucial to secure your accommodations well in advance due to the significant demand for hotel rooms.

The peak season occupancy rates in Glasgow are heavily influenced by major events such as COP26, resulting in a shortage of accommodations for visitors. This heightened demand often leads to hoteliers adjusting their pricing strategies, causing an increase in room rates.

The fluctuation of peak season occupancy rates is based on the specific dates and duration of events, directly impacting the overall availability of hotel rooms.

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Consequently, visitors planning to attend events during peak seasons in Glasgow should book accommodations well in advance to secure a place to stay amidst the heightened demand. By making early reservations, you can avoid the difficulties of finding available rooms and ensure that you have a comfortable and convenient place to stay during your visit to Glasgow.

Be proactive and secure your accommodations early to make the most of your trip during the peak seasons in Glasgow.

Hotel Room Options for Business Travelers

When visiting Glasgow for business, you'll find a variety of hotel room options within close proximity to the SEC, ranging from 3 to 4-star accommodations. The city offers a diverse range of hotel rooms suitable for business travelers, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay during your visit.

Here are the top hotel options to consider:

  • Crowne Plaza: Offering a convenient location and upscale amenities, ideal for business professionals.
  • Hilton Garden Inn: Providing modern facilities and a focus on business-centric services for a productive stay.
  • Premier Inn Pacific Quay: Known for its reliability and consistent quality, perfect for business travelers seeking comfort and convenience.

These options cater to the specific needs of business travelers, with easy access to the SEC and other business hubs in Glasgow.

Additionally, consider signing up for the Glasgow 2024 membership portal to access discounted rates for hotel rooms, providing even more value for your business trip.

With these choices and resources, you can ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience while visiting Glasgow for business.

Hotel Room Options for Leisure Travelers

If you're a leisure traveler seeking hotel room options in Glasgow, you'll find a diverse range of accommodations within close proximity to the SEC, catering to various preferences and budgets.

From well-known chains like Jurys Inns, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, and Holiday Inn Express to independent hotels such as Motel One Glasgow and Britannia Inn Glasgow, there are plenty of options to choose from.

In addition to traditional hotels, there are over 2,000 Airbnb rooms and 1,200 guesthouse/bed & breakfast rooms throughout the city, providing a variety of experiences for your stay.

To improve your stay experience, consider signing up for the Glasgow 2024 membership portal, where you can access discounted rates ranging from £125 to £329 for single occupancy.

Whether you prefer a budget-friendly stay or a luxurious 5-star experience, there's something for everyone.

With so many options available, you can easily find the perfect accommodation that suits your needs and budget, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable leisure trip to Glasgow.

Accessibility and Amenities in Glasgow Hotels

In Glasgow, hotels within close proximity to the SEC offer a range of accessibility features and amenities, ensuring convenience and inclusivity for all guests. When staying at hotels near the SEC, you can expect the following accessibility and amenities:

  • Accessible Accommodation: Glasgow provides accessible accommodation options with reserved rooms for members with accessibility needs, demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity.
  • Diverse Accommodation Options: From budget to 5-star, Glasgow hotels offer a variety of accommodation options catering to diverse preferences and budgets, ensuring there's something for everyone.
  • Convenient Amenities: Glasgow hotels offer amenities such as discounted rates through membership portals and a variety of hotel options within close proximity to the conference venue, ensuring convenience for COP26 attendees.
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If you require accessible accommodation, simply email for options. This emphasizes the city's dedication to providing accessible and inclusive hotel facilities for all guests.

Future Expansion of Hotel Room Capacity

As Glasgow anticipates the increasing demand for accommodations, the city is actively addressing the need for an expansion of hotel room capacity, with plans to build an additional 2,500 hotel rooms by 2023. The current developments and future expansion projects highlight the commitment to meet the growing demand for accommodations, with a focus on creating an inviting and accessible environment for visitors. Here's a glimpse of the ongoing and upcoming developments in Glasgow's hotel industry:

Ongoing DevelopmentsEstimated Additional Rooms
42% completed2,500
3,500 in the pipeline
Future DevelopmentsEstimated Additional Rooms
12 new hotels1,900
10 developments1,600

The city's target of three million overnight visits per year by 2023 underscores the significance of these expansion efforts. With a clear vision for the future, Glasgow is set to enhance its capacity to welcome more visitors, contributing to the city's economic growth and employment opportunities. The expansion of hotel room capacity not only meets the current demand but also lays a strong foundation for Glasgow's future as a thriving tourist destination.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

Consider the impact of Glasgow's limited hotel room availability on the overall experience of visitors attending the COP26 climate summit. The scarcity of accommodations may lead to challenges in finding suitable lodgings, potentially impacting the comfort and convenience of attendees. As a result, it's crucial for event organizers and local authorities to proactively address this issue to ensure a positive experience for all participants.

Key takeaways from the situation include:

  • Understanding the specific drivers and factors influencing the hotel market in Glasgow is essential for addressing accommodation shortages effectively.
  • The increase in hotel rooms in Glasgow and Edinburgh reflects the evolving dynamics of the hotel industry, emphasizing the need to stay informed about market trends and demands.
  • Glasgow's attractiveness for investors in the hotel sector highlights the potential for further expansion and improvement of accommodation options in the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Hotel Beds Does Glasgow Have?

Glasgow has 15,000 hotel rooms available. Occupancy rates, room types, and customer satisfaction are important factors. With competition increasing, maintaining high standards is key. The city's aim is to add 2,500 more rooms by 2023.

How Many Hotel Rooms Are There in Edinburgh?

When it comes to Edinburgh hotel occupancy, tourism statistics show that there's a high demand for hotel room availability. With the rising number of tourists, it's essential to plan your stay in advance.