How Far Is Kilsyth From Glasgow?

Curious about the distance between Kilsyth and Glasgow? The surprising closeness may change your perspective on travel plans.

So, you're curious about the distance between Kilsyth and Glasgow? Well, the answer may surprise you. The proximity of these two locations is closer than you might think, but there are a few factors to consider when calculating the actual travel time.

Whether you're looking to plan a day trip or considering a more regular commute, understanding the distance and transportation options can make all the difference.

Stay tuned to uncover the details that could impact your journey and make your travel plans a breeze.

Key Takeaways

  • The distance between Kilsyth and Glasgow is approximately 11 miles or 17 kilometers.
  • The recommended transportation option is the Line 89 bus, which takes around 43 minutes.
  • Driving takes about 20 minutes and costs $5-$8, while taking a taxi also takes around 20 minutes but costs $45-$55.
  • There are multiple travel options available between Kilsyth and Glasgow, including bus, train, taxi, and car, each with different fares and travel times.

Distance and Transportation Options

When traveling from Glasgow to Kilsyth, the most recommended transportation option is taking the Line 89 bus, which typically takes around 43 minutes. The distance between the two locations is approximately 11 miles or 17 kilometers.

The Line 89 bus, operated by First Greater Glasgow, provides a convenient and cost-effective mode of travel. The road distance can also be covered by driving, taking about 20 minutes and costing $5-$8. Alternatively, taking a taxi is the quickest option, taking around 20 minutes, but it comes at a higher cost of $45-$55.

It's advisable to compare ticket prices and travel times for different transportation options before making a decision. The Line 89 bus route offers a comfortable journey, with frequent departures, making it a popular choice for commuters. Kilsyth is easily accessible from Glasgow, and the bus service provides a hassle-free way to reach the destination.

The bus route typically passes through Main Street, offering convenient access to various locations within Kilsyth.

Traveling From Glasgow to Kilsyth

If you're looking to travel from Glasgow to Kilsyth, the Line 89 bus operated by First Greater Glasgow offers a convenient and cost-effective mode of transportation, typically taking around 43 minutes.

The bus departs from Buchanan Bus Station in Glasgow and takes you directly to Kilsyth, making it an efficient option for your trip.

The frequency of the buses provides flexibility for travelers, with multiple departures throughout the day.

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The ticket prices are reasonable, making it an economical choice for those looking to commute between the two locations.

The service is reliable and provides a comfortable journey, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the scenery during the approximately 13-mile trip.

The bus service also offers a hassle-free alternative, particularly for those who prefer not to drive or deal with parking.

With its consistent travel times and convenient departure point, the Line 89 bus presents an attractive option for individuals planning a trip from Glasgow to Kilsyth.

Traveling From Kilsyth to Glasgow

Navigating from Kilsyth to Glasgow offers various travel options, including bus, train, taxi, and car, providing flexibility and convenience for your journey. The table below outlines the estimated fares and travel times for each mode of transportation.

Mode of TransportEstimated FareTravel Time
Bus$5 (€4)30 minutes
Train$6-8 (€5-7)30 minutes
Taxi$45-5520 minutes

The distance between Kilsyth and Glasgow is approximately 11 miles (17 km). The recommended option for traveling to Glasgow is taking the line 349 bus and train combination, with an average ticket price of $6-8 (€5-7) and a travel time of around 30 minutes. If cost is a prime consideration, the bus offers the cheapest average ticket price at $5 (€4) with the same travel time as the train. If time is of the essence, a taxi is the fastest option, taking around 20 minutes at a cost of $45-$55. With these options available, you can choose the mode of transportation that best suits your preferences for your journey from Kilsyth to Glasgow.

Driving Distance and Fuel Cost Comparison

Comparing the driving distance and fuel costs between Kilsyth and Glasgow offers valuable insights for planning your journey. The 12-mile distance can be covered in approximately 20 minutes by car, making it a quick and convenient option.

With a fuel economy of 20 mpg, the estimated fuel cost for this journey is around $3.55, while a car with a fuel economy of 40 mpg would cost about $1.78. This cost comparison highlights the potential savings in fuel expenses based on your vehicle's fuel efficiency.

If you opt to take the Line 89 bus, the journey from Buchanan Bus Station in Glasgow to Kilsyth takes approximately 43 minutes, with estimated fares ranging from $5 to $8.

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While a taxi offers a quicker option, it comes at a higher cost, with fares ranging from $45 to $55 for the 20-minute journey.

Considering both driving distance and fuel costs is crucial in determining the most economical and efficient mode of transportation for your trip between Kilsyth and Glasgow in the UK.

Distance From Glasgow to Nearby Places

The distance from Kilsyth to Glasgow is approximately 11 miles, making it a convenient and relatively short journey for travelers.

When traveling between Kilsyth and Glasgow, consider the following:

  1. Transport Options: Utilize the Line 89 bus, with an average travel time of 43 minutes. Alternatively, driving is a cost-effective option, taking around 20 minutes, or opt for a taxi for a quicker journey.
  2. Estimated Fares: The bus offers the most economical fare, averaging around $5 (€4) per ticket. Driving costs are estimated at $5-$8, while a taxi ride may range from $45-$55.
  3. Travel Convenience: Stay near Buchanan Bus Station, the primary hub for transportation between Kilsyth and Glasgow. Utilize online bookings, route maps, and schedules provided by transport operators for a smooth travel experience.

With these travel options and essential information, planning your journey from Kilsyth to Glasgow becomes straightforward. Whether you prefer the cost-effective bus, the convenience of driving, or the efficiency of a taxi, reaching Glasgow from Kilsyth is efficient and easily accessible.

Sunrise & Sunset Times in Glasgow & Kilsyth

Planning your day in Glasgow and Kilsyth is made easier with the shared sunrise and sunset times, allowing you to maximize your time outdoors and make the most of your visit.

Both cities witness the sunrise at 08:27 AM, so you can start your day with the natural beauty of the morning sky whether you're in Glasgow or Kilsyth.

In Glasgow, the sun sets at 04:31 PM, offering you ample daylight to explore the city's attractions before evening sets in. Kilsyth experiences its sunset just one minute earlier, at 04:30 PM, providing a similar window of daylight to enjoy the outdoors.

These synchronized sunrise and sunset times mean that you can seamlessly plan activities across both cities without losing out on precious daylight. Whether you're considering a morning hike in the scenic surroundings of Kilsyth or an evening stroll through Glasgow's bustling streets, you can make the most of your time without feeling rushed.

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Additionally, the close proximity and shared daylight hours between the two locations make travel between Glasgow and Kilsyth convenient, whether by bus or train, allowing you to efficiently explore both areas in a single day.

Traveling FAQs

When considering your transportation options from Glasgow to Kilsyth, it's essential to prioritize efficiency and affordability. Here are some frequently asked questions about traveling between the two locations:

  1. What are the estimated travel times and fares?
  • The travel time from Glasgow to Kilsyth is approximately 20 minutes by car or bus. The estimated fares range from $5 to $8 for a bus ride and $45 to $55 for a taxi.
  1. Is it better to take a bus or train?
  • The recommended option for traveling from Glasgow to Kilsyth is the line 89 bus, which offers a good balance of affordability and convenience.
  1. Where can I find more information on ticket prices and travel times?
  • To obtain detailed information on ticket prices and travel times, it's advisable to consult a reliable travel guide such as Rome2Rio. This platform provides comprehensive details on various transportation options, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your journey.

Kilsyth Travel Guide

Discover various transport options available for traveling from Glasgow to Kilsyth, including buses, taxis, and cars, providing convenient and efficient ways to reach your destination.

When taking the bus, the recommended Line 89 service from Glasgow City Centre to Kilsyth offers a direct route with a journey time of approximately 43 minutes. You can catch this bus at the Buchannan Bus Station in Glasgow. Ticket prices for the bus are affordable, making it a cost-effective option for your journey.

If you prefer the flexibility of driving, the route from Glasgow to Kilsyth is easily navigated by car, with a travel time of around 30 minutes.

Alternatively, taxis provide a quicker but more expensive option for reaching Kilsyth from Glasgow.

When considering your travel options, Rome2Rio's UK travel guides offer comprehensive information to help plan your journey effectively. Whether you choose the convenience of the bus, the flexibility of driving, or the speed of a taxi, there are several efficient ways to travel from Glasgow to Kilsyth, ensuring you reach your destination with ease.