How Far Is Dunoon From Glasgow?

Planning a trip from Glasgow to Dunoon? Prepare to be surprised by the distance and diverse transportation options available.

If you've ever wondered about the distance from bustling Glasgow to the serene shores of Dunoon, you're not alone. The journey spans a significant stretch, and the modes of transportation available may surprise you.

Whether you prefer the convenience of a train, the scenic route via ferry, or the flexibility of a car, there are options to suit every traveler's preferences.

But before you embark on this trip, there are a few things you should know to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Key Takeaways

  • The distance between Glasgow and Dunoon is approximately 31.48 miles or 67.7 kilometers by road.
  • The car journey takes around 1 hour and 25 minutes, while the public transportation option takes around 101 minutes, including a train and ferry ride.
  • The Gourock Ferry takes about 20 minutes, and the Dunoon Ferry takes around 25 minutes.
  • Other transportation options include bus, train, and car routes with varying travel times.

Distance Between Glasgow and Dunoon

The distance between Glasgow and Dunoon, situated on the western coast of Scotland, measures approximately 31.48 miles.

If you decide to travel by car, the road distance is approximately 67.7 kilometers, with the best route taking you through the A82 and A814 roads. This journey typically takes around 1 hour and 25 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

If you opt for public transportation, you can take a train from Glasgow to Gourock, and then catch a ferry service from Gourock to Dunoon. The train ride lasts about 45 minutes, and the ferry journey across the Firth of Clyde takes approximately 20 minutes. Overall, the total travel time from Glasgow to Dunoon via train and ferry is around 101 minutes.

Alternatively, you can also take a bus from Glasgow to Dunoon, which has an average ticket cost of 14 USD and a travel time of 3 hours.

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Ultimately, the choice of travel mode and route will depend on your preferences for cost, time, and convenience.

Travel Options From Glasgow to Dunoon

If you're considering traveling from Glasgow to Dunoon, you'll find various transportation options available to cover the approximately 27-mile distance between these two locations.

Here are some travel options to consider:

  • Gourock Ferry: You can take the Gourock Ferry from Glasgow to Dunoon. The ferry ride offers beautiful scenic views and takes approximately 20 minutes to cover the distance.
  • Dunoon Ferry: Another option is to take the Dunoon Ferry, which provides regular services between the two locations. The ferry ride offers an enjoyable way to travel and takes around 25 minutes.
  • Gourock Rail: If you prefer traveling by train, you can take the train from Glasgow to Gourock and then transfer to the ferry for the remaining journey to Dunoon. The combined train and ferry journey takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Bus Services: There are bus services operating between Glasgow and Dunoon. The bus ride offers a cost-effective travel option, with an average travel time of around 2 hours.

When planning your trip from Glasgow to Dunoon, consider these travel options and their respective durations to find the most convenient option for your journey.

For further details, you can refer to Rome2Rios UK travel guides for comprehensive travel information.

Transportation Services Between Glasgow and Dunoon

Consider utilizing the bus services operated by McGills Buses or the train services operated by ScotRail for efficient and convenient transportation between Glasgow and Dunoon.

McGills Buses provide regular and direct services from Glasgow to Dunoon, with the journey taking approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The buses depart from Glasgow Renfield Street, and the route offers scenic views as it travels through picturesque landscapes.

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On the other hand, ScotRail operates a train service from Glasgow Central to Gourock, where travelers can transfer to a ferry for the onward journey to Dunoon. The train journey takes around 45 minutes, and the ferry ride adds approximately 20 minutes, offering a unique and enjoyable travel experience.

Additionally, other transportation options such as car routes and ferry services are available, providing flexibility for travelers.

Route Details for Glasgow to Dunoon Trip

When traveling from Glasgow to Dunoon, the route takes you through a scenic journey that spans approximately 27 miles, offering picturesque landscapes and diverse travel options. Here are some key details about the route:

  • The most common modes of transportation from Glasgow to Dunoon are by bus, train, car, or ferry.
  • The road distance between Glasgow and Dunoon is 78 miles, while the direct distance is approximately 27 miles.
  • The bus and train services are operated by McGills Bus Service and ScotRail, with the fastest trips taking 3 hours by bus and 2 hours by train.
  • The ferry service is available from Gourock to Dunoon, providing another unique travel option for the journey.

As you embark on this trip, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Scottish landscapes and the option to choose the mode of travel that best suits your preferences. Whether you opt for a leisurely ferry ride or a faster train journey, the route from Glasgow to Dunoon offers a variety of travel experiences to make your trip memorable.

Popular Travel Routes to Dunoon From Glasgow

The popular travel routes from Glasgow to Dunoon offer diverse options for reaching your destination, whether by bus, train, car, plane, or ferry.

The most convenient and scenic route is by train and ferry. You can take a train from Glasgow to Gourock, which takes approximately 45 minutes, and then transfer to a ferry, a 20-minute journey, to reach Dunoon. This option not only provides a picturesque journey but also eliminates the hassle of driving and parking.

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If you prefer to drive, the road distance is 78 miles, and the journey takes about 2 hours, depending on traffic.

The bus is the most cost-effective option, with an average fare of 14 USD and a travel time of around 3 hours. McGills Bus Service operates 26 buses daily from Glasgow to Dunoon.

For those seeking a quicker journey, flying from Glasgow to Dunoon is also an option, with flights available from Glasgow Airport to nearby airports, followed by a short drive.

Several companies offer online bookings for these travel options, allowing for easy planning and reservations.

Tips for Traveling From Glasgow to Dunoon

If you're planning to travel from Glasgow to Dunoon, you'll want to know some key tips to make your journey as smooth as possible, especially considering the diverse travel options available.

  • Research Transportation Services: Before traveling, check the official web pages of bus, train, and ferry services for the most up-to-date schedules, ticket prices, and travel times.
  • Consider Online Bookings: Utilize online booking platforms to secure your tickets in advance, especially during peak travel seasons. This will help you avoid last-minute hassles and secure the best available fares.
  • Refer to UK Travel Guides: Explore UK travel guides online to gather insights and tips from experienced travelers who've previously journeyed from Glasgow to Dunoon.
  • Ensure Internet Connection: Prior to traveling, ensure that you have a reliable internet connection on your mobile device. This will allow you to access maps, check travel updates, and make any necessary reservations on the go.