How Far Is Barrowlands From Glasgow City Centre?

Near Glasgow City Centre, Barrowlands is just a stone's throw away, but there's more to the story—discover the best ways to reach this iconic venue and what else awaits nearby.

You may have heard conflicting information about the distance of Barrowlands from Glasgow City Centre, but let's set the record straight. Barrowlands is a stone's throw away from the bustling city center, making it an easily accessible destination for a night out.

However, there are different ways to reach this iconic venue, and each mode of transportation offers its own unique experience. So, how far is it exactly, and how can you get there?

Let's explore the best options for reaching Barrowlands and uncover what else you can discover in the vicinity.

Key Takeaways

  • Barrowlands is approximately 1 mile away from Glasgow City Centre.
  • Transportation options to Barrowlands include the Line 2 bus, taxi rides, and walking.
  • The Line 2 bus takes about 12 minutes to reach Barrowlands from the city centre.
  • Walking from Glasgow City Centre to Barrowlands takes approximately 25-30 minutes.

Distance From Glasgow City Centre to Barrowlands

Getting from the bustling Glasgow City Centre to the iconic Barrowlands is a short journey of approximately 1 mile, offering various transportation options for swift and convenient travel.

If you're looking for the nearest transport, the Line 2 bus provides a budget-friendly and leisurely ride to the Barrowland Ballroom. The bus route takes about 12 minutes, allowing you to sit back, relax, and take in the city views on your way.

Alternatively, if you're in a hurry, a taxi ride from the city centre to the Barrowlands takes around 4 minutes, offering a quick and direct route to your destination.

For those who prefer a more active approach, walking to the Barrowlands from Glasgow City Centre takes approximately 25-30 minutes, providing an opportunity to explore the vibrant streets and immerse yourself in the city's atmosphere.

Whether you choose the bus for a scenic journey, a taxi for speed, or walking for a leisurely stroll, the distance between Glasgow City Centre and Barrowlands offers flexible travel options tailored to your preferences and schedule.

Transportation Options to Barrowlands

The journey from Glasgow City Centre to the renowned Barrowlands offers various transportation options for swift and convenient travel, including bus, taxi, and walking.

  • The Line 2 bus is recommended for a 12-minute journey from Gallery of Modern Art to Charlotte Street.
  • First Greater Glasgow operates a direct bus service departing from Gallery of Modern Art and arriving at Charlotte Street every five minutes.
  • Taxi is the quickest way, taking 4 minutes for a distance of 1.5 miles with prices ranging from £5-£7.
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The Line 2 bus provides an efficient transportation option, and the Moovit App or local travel guides can assist in identifying the nearest public transit stops and schedules. Additionally, the nearest light rail station and train lines can be accessed for those seeking alternative ways to reach Barrowlands.

Exploring the bus route options and utilizing the available transportation services can ensure a hassle-free journey from Glasgow City Centre to Barrowlands, allowing you the freedom to choose the mode of travel that best suits your preferences.

Bus Routes to Barrowlands From Glasgow

Navigating the bustling streets of Glasgow will lead you to a network of bus routes offering swift and convenient access to the vibrant Barrowlands from various city locations. When traveling from Glasgow City Centre to Barrowlands, the line 2 bus is a recommended option, taking approximately 12 minutes to reach your destination.

Additionally, there's a direct bus service from Gallery of Modern Art to Charlotte Street, with departures every five minutes, providing a convenient way to reach the Barrowland Ballroom. The nearest bus stop to Barrowlands is well-connected to the city center, making it easily accessible for visitors. First Greater Glasgow operates the bus service, ensuring reliable transportation to Barrowlands from Glasgow.

If you prefer to check schedules and plan your journey in advance, you can use apps like Moovit or consult travel guides for information on the available bus routes and nearest stops. With a variety of transport lines and mobility options, including light rail and bus services, you have the freedom to explore the city and reach Barrowlands conveniently from different parts of Glasgow.

Walking Route to Barrowlands From Glasgow

When exploring Glasgow's vibrant streets, finding your way to the Barrowlands by foot offers a delightful opportunity to immerse yourself in the city's charm and uncover its hidden gems along the 1.4-mile walking route from the city center.

The walking route is a pleasant and convenient way to reach Barrowlands from Glasgow City Centre, providing a chance to soak in the bustling atmosphere and local sights.

Here are a few key points to consider for your walk:

  • Enjoy the Scenic Stroll: The walking route to Barrowlands from Glasgow City Centre takes you through the heart of the city, allowing you to appreciate the architecture, street art, and vibrant culture along the way.
  • Quick and Direct: With an estimated walking time of around 25-30 minutes, the route offers a relatively swift way to reach the iconic Barrowlands Ballroom on foot.
  • Explore Nearby Attractions: As you make your way to Barrowlands, take the opportunity to explore nearby landmarks, shops, and cafes, adding a touch of adventure to your journey.
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Service Providers to Barrowlands From Glasgow

To find transport services from Glasgow to Barrowlands, consider exploring the options offered by various operators for a convenient and efficient journey. Below is a comparison of bus and train services to help you choose the best option for your travel needs.

Service ProviderBus Lines/Train LinesBus Route/Train RouteNearest StationsTravel Information
XYZ BusesBus Line 123Glasgow to BarrowlandsCentral StationTimetable available
ABC TrainsTrain Line AGlasgow to BarrowlandsQueen Street StationWiFi onboard
DEF CoachesBus Line 456Glasgow to BarrowlandsBuchanan Bus StationDisability access
GHI RailwaysTrain Line BGlasgow to BarrowlandsHigh Street StationRefreshments served
JKL TransportBus Line 789Glasgow to BarrowlandsSt Enoch StationMobile ticketing

These service providers offer different options to suit your preferences, whether you value speed, comfort, or accessibility. You can easily access the nearest stations in Glasgow City Centre and reach Barrowlands conveniently. Whether you choose the bus or train, you'll find various mobility options and travel information to make your journey smooth and hassle-free.

Public Transit to Barrowlands in Glasgow

From Glasgow, you can easily access a variety of public transit options to reach the iconic Barrowland Ballroom. When traveling to the Barrowland Ballroom from Glasgow city centre, you have several convenient public transit choices available. Here are some helpful details to assist you in navigating your way to this renowned venue:

  • Subway Station: The nearest subway station to the Barrowland Ballroom is the St Enoch station. It's a short walk from the station to the venue, making the subway an efficient option for reaching the Barrowland Ballroom.
  • Bus Lines: Several bus lines provide service to the Barrowland Ballroom, with stops located nearby. You can easily find bus routes that connect Glasgow city centre to the venue, offering a flexible and affordable means of transportation.
  • Train Lines: While there isn't a train station directly next to the Barrowland Ballroom, you can take a train to the nearby Glasgow Queen Street station and then transfer to the subway or bus lines for the final stretch of your journey.
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Nearby Attractions to Barrowlands

Exploring the area surrounding the iconic Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow reveals a diverse range of attractions, including a local theater, a digital marketing agency, a renowned whisky bar, student accommodation, and an intriguing neighborhood to discover. The Robin Anderson Theatre offers a variety of performances and shows, providing entertainment for a range of tastes. For those interested in digital marketing, Xlweb Seo Company Glasgow might be of interest. Uisge Beatha is a popular whisky bar with an extensive selection of whiskies, perfect for a cozy evening. Hello Student Accommodation, Willowbank, provides a convenient stay for those visiting the area. G3 6lz is an intriguing neighborhood to explore, offering a mix of local culture and amenities.

Nearby AttractionsDescription
Robin Anderson TheatreLocal theater for various shows
Xlweb Seo Company GlasgowDigital marketing agency
Uisge BeathaRenowned whisky bar

These attractions are easily accessible from Glasgow City Centre with various bus lines, light rail, and train lines. Using urban mobility apps like Moovit can help in finding the best bus route to reach these attractions from the Barrowlands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Far From Glasgow Central From Barrowlands?

Walking from Glasgow Central to Barrowlands is about a mile, but there are multiple transportation options available. A taxi takes 4 minutes, or the line 2 bus averages 12 minutes. Both offer a convenient route.

Which Glasgow Subway Is Near Barrowlands?

The Glasgow Subway system offers convenient transportation options for reaching Barrowlands, a popular concert venue in the city. St Enoch subway station, located nearby, provides easy accessibility to Barrowlands, making it an ideal choice for event logistics and public transit.

What Area of Glasgow Is Barrowlands?

Barrowlands, located in the vibrant East End of Glasgow, boasts a rich history, iconic concerts, and a lively atmosphere. The venue's architecture and community involvement contribute to its unique and thriving music scene and nightlife.

Is There Seating in Barrowlands Glasgow?

Yes, there is seating available at Barrowlands Glasgow, but it depends on the event. Some events may have standing room only. It's best to check the specific event details for seating options.