How Big Is the SSE Hydro Glasgow?

Situated in Glasgow, the SSE Hydro is an impressive venue with a capacity for 14,300 people, but its size is just the beginning of its remarkable features.

So, you're curious about the size of the SSE Hydro in Glasgow?

Imagine this: it's large enough to comfortably hold 14,300 people for a single event. But that's just the beginning.

The SSE Hydro's size isn't just about the number of seats it can fill. There's much more to it, including its unique design and the range of events it hosts.

You might find it intriguing to discover the full scope of its dimensions and what makes it stand out among other venues.

Key Takeaways

  • The SSE Hydro Glasgow has a maximum capacity of 14,300 people, with seating for 12,300 and space for 2,000 standing attendees.
  • The venue is renowned for its unique amphitheater design and iconic exterior, consistently ranking in the top three arenas worldwide.
  • It hosts a wide range of events, including concerts, sporting events, conferences, corporate events, banquets, and family entertainment.
  • The SSE Hydro Glasgow plays a significant role in the community, attracting over one million visitors annually, boosting the local economy, and fostering a sense of community and pride.

History and Development

The SSE Hydro's history and development process was marked by meticulous planning, extensive construction, and a grand opening event that set the stage for its prominent role in hosting a diverse array of international events.

Planning for the venue began in 2001 as part of the Queens Dock redevelopment in Glasgow. The initial capacity plan of 12,300 seated audience members and 2,000 standing was a testament to the ambition behind its creation.

Construction, led by Lend Lease, commenced in February 2011, and the arena was officially opened on September 30, 2013, with a stellar concert by Rod Stewart.

The strategic location of the SSE Hydro, situated at the heart of Glasgow, made it an attractive venue for a wide range of events. From international musical stars to global entertainment and sporting events, the arena quickly established itself as a premier location for diverse gatherings.

Notably, it even played a crucial role during the 2014 Commonwealth Games, hosting netball and gymnastic events.

The venue's successful history and development have firmly cemented its status as a world-class entertainment and sports arena, drawing large crowds and high-profile events since its grand opening.

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Construction Details

Featuring a unique and innovative design, the SSE Hydro Glasgow's construction process showcases meticulous attention to detail and engineering excellence. The following details highlight the remarkable construction of this iconic venue:

  1. The amphitheater's distinctive design includes translucent outer cushions and an impressive 125-meter wide roof, contributing to its status as a prominent feature in the Glasgow skyline.
  2. The venue's capacity to accommodate up to 14,300 people, with seating for 12,300 individuals and space for 2,000 standing attendees, reflects the thoughtfulness and consideration put into its construction.
  3. The OVO Hydro's versatility is a testament to the construction's adaptability, allowing for a wide range of events such as concerts, conferences, and sporting events, showcasing its engineering flexibility.
  4. The technical specifications, including a 71m diameter, 3,957m2 floor area, and a ceiling height of 45m at the highest point, emphasize the precision and skill that went into creating this architectural marvel.

The construction of the SSE Hydro in Glasgow truly embodies meticulous planning and engineering excellence, resulting in an iconic and versatile venue that's set to open in September.

Events and Entertainment

Boasting a diverse lineup of international musical stars, global entertainment, and prestigious sporting events, the SSE Hydro Glasgow offers a dynamic and vibrant range of events and entertainment for a wide audience. The venue hosts an array of events, including concerts, sporting events, conferences, corporate events, banquets, and family entertainment, making it a versatile and sought-after destination. With a capacity of 14,300 people, the arena can accommodate 12,300 seated attendees and 2,000 standing positions, providing an electrifying atmosphere for all its events. The SSE Hydro Glasgow has become a prominent fixture in the Glasgow skyline, renowned for its unique amphitheater design and iconic exterior. Drawing over 1 million visitors annually, it has cemented its status as a leading global entertainment venue, consistently ranking in the top three arenas worldwide by Pollstar. Notably, the SSE Hydro Glasgow has hosted illustrious events such as the MTV Europe Music Awards, the Ryder Cup Opening Ceremony, and the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, solidifying its reputation as a premier destination for world-class entertainment.

EventsCapacitySpecial Events
Concerts14,300International musical stars
Sporting Events14,300Prestigious events such as the Ryder Cup
Conferences14,300Corporate events and banquets
Family Events14,300Family entertainment and shows
Global Events14,300MTV Europe Music Awards and BBC SPOTY
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Hosting Sports

With a capacity of 14,300 people, the SSE Hydro Glasgow is a versatile and sought-after venue for hosting a wide range of sporting events, providing a dynamic and vibrant experience for both athletes and spectators.

The venue can play host to various sports, including basketball, boxing, gymnastics, and even high-profile events like the Ryder Cup. Its flexible design allows for different event types and configurations, ensuring that each sporting event is tailored to maximize the experience for both participants and attendees.

The SSE Hydro Glasgow's intimate amphitheater design creates an electric atmosphere, immersing sports fans in the action and adding an extra layer of excitement to the events.

As one of the top three arenas globally, the venue consistently draws high-profile sporting events, making it an iconic part of the Glasgow skyline and a prominent player in the international sports scene.

Whether you're a die-hard sports enthusiast or a casual spectator, the SSE Hydro Glasgow offers an unparalleled experience, combining top-notch facilities with the thrill of world-class sporting competitions.

Filming Location

The SSE Hydro Glasgow serves as an exceptional filming location due to its distinctive amphitheater design and flexible capacity, providing a unique and dynamic backdrop for a wide range of film and television productions. The venue's elliptical shape and iconic appearance make it an ideal setting for capturing visually stunning scenes.

With a maximum capacity of 14,300 people for concerts and events, the SSE Hydro offers versatility for filming large-scale productions. The venue's ability to host a variety of worldwide events annually also adds to its appeal as a filming location, as it can provide an authentic backdrop for different cultural settings.

Additionally, the SSE Hydro's intimate environment, created by its unique amphitheatre design, offers filmmakers the opportunity to capture immersive and engaging footage. Its location in Glasgow, a city known for its digital and production industry, provides easy access to skilled professionals and resources, further enhancing its attractiveness as a filming location.

The SSE Hydro's flexible design and its status as the largest entertainment venue in Scotland make it a compelling choice for filmmakers seeking a versatile and visually striking location.

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Political Significance

The political significance of the SSE Hydro in Glasgow is underscored by its consideration as a potential host venue for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2023 and the announcement of plans for Scotland's largest-ever debate on Scottish independence, both of which highlight its role in facilitating important public discussions and events.

This arena consistently ranks among the world's busiest venues, as recognized by Pollstar, showcasing events with differing capacity, from national and international music mega stars to family entertainment and prestigious events. The OVO Hydro, as Scotland's home of live entertainment, attracts over one million visitors annually, solidifying its status as a pivotal space for communal gatherings.

The potential to host the Eurovision Song Contest and a significant debate on Scottish independence at the SSE Hydro signifies its broader political and social relevance, demonstrating its capacity to bring people together for discussions on culture, identity, and governance.

As a space for diverse voices and ideas, the venue plays a crucial role in shaping and promoting freedom of expression and public engagement.

Ticket Sales Records

Ticket sales records at the SSE Hydro Glasgow reflect its status as one of the most sought-after entertainment venues, showcasing the significant demand for its diverse range of events. With a staggering annual visitor count exceeding 1 million, the Hydro stands as a global leader in live entertainment. The venue's ability to host over 140 events each year, including concerts, conferences, and sporting events, demonstrates its immense appeal and versatility. Notably, the SSE Hydro Glasgow's ranking as one of the top three arenas globally by Pollstar attests to its consistent popularity and draw for audiences.

The OVO Hydro's unique amphitheatre design, allowing for an intimate experience despite its capacity for 14,300 attendees, has contributed to its exceptional ticket sales. Its distinctive exterior has also made it an iconic part of the Glasgow skyline, adding to its appeal.

This level of demand and acclaim has solidified the SSE Hydro Glasgow's position as a premier entertainment destination, setting formidable ticket sales records that underscore its significance in the live entertainment industry.