Boxing bad boy Scott Dixon a cop chief hired a hit man to kill him, but he got to the would be assassin first.

The former world champion 42, told how the police boss in Malta found out he was seeing his ex wife and ordered a Polish thug to get “rid of him”

But Dixon originally from Hamiltion, tracked down bungling executioner and forced a video confession from him before sending him on a jet home to Poland.

Speaking on the launch of his new book, when I moved here I was with a girl and her ex-husband was the chief of Police so I had a problem with him. he hired a hitman to come and get rid of me.

“So we got to him, put him in a van, took him to my house, kept him there for three days” and we got a confession. I gave him money booked his flight and the big guy broke down.

He was an absolute shitebag”.

Dixon, Brad Pitts body double the film Snatch moved to the Med island over ten years to start a new life after surviving a gangland abduction.

He was left with horiffic injuries after he was shot in the legs, repeatedly stabbed with a sword and battered with a baseball bat and hammer in Hamilton in 2004.

He relives the horror in his new autobiography called “SUPER” penned while behind bars in Malta in 2009.

He said, “it starts when I am in a field and been abducted, I am dying, stabbed and both my legs broken, my skull fractured. I crawled for help to a farm house then I was taken to hospital.

Dixon fled to Malta for a fresh start after he was stabbed in second blade attack in 2006, but he’s been on bail there for nearly a decade after he was implicated in a 500 kg cannabis smuggling plot.

The dad of four spent six months behind bars on the island after a man using his gym in Saint Julian’s on a drug charge.

He said, “the charges were I was the big boss. So the Maltese lad told the Police he was working for me which is preposterous”. “But its still going, its still hanging over me, I have to sign into the Police station twice a day”.

Dixon has found a distraction in coaching underprivileged kids on the island. He has also recently got engaged to partner Damita Coulaud and  opened a new gym.

He added “I feel comfortable now. I control the boxing here, I take kids from the streets I have found my purpose”

He has won the WBU super-middle-weightworld title belt in 2012.

Scott Dixons autobiography Super is on sale in Waterstones and all good book shops now!