Glasgow Eyes catches up with Manchester’s favourite Hostess Tracey Donnelly to find out about her new venture Hunky Dory Promotion’s and look at her colourful journey that has given her the reputation of hosting the best parties in the North of England and beyond.

Manchester Legends Tracey and Bez

Tracey grew up having two loves in her life, number one listening to music and number two clothes and she fondly remembers being a twelve-year-old and her father buying bundles of albums from the shoplifter’s for her,  so to this day she thanks her mother and her father for her musical tastes.

Having been born in St Mary’s Hospital in Whitworth Street in 1964, coincidently the same street that would later house the Hacienda which Tracey believes it was written in the stars that she would return to Whitworth Street when as a young adult the Hacienda played a big part in her life. Tracey later was brought up in Benchill, Wythenshawe which at that time was one of the biggest council estates in Europe.

Tracey considered herself very lucky at the age of 19 when she got a job in her friend’s hairdressers which was housed in the basement of the Hacienda Club which became worldly famous or infamous for the massive dance & club nights that were held there. Describing the hairdresser’s Tracey states it was more than just a place to go and get a haircut, everyone was hanging out there. All the bands would come and get their hair done, New Order, ACR, The Smith’s, The Fall and the Happy Monday’s and many more people who would go on to become the movers and shakers of the Manchester music scene, artists, journalists, photographers, author’s the list is endless. Tracey ended up working at the club doing all the ticket’s for the gigs etc and it was through this work that Tracey went on to work for Factory Records in 1985, at the time there was only two of a staff and as the staff team grew Tracey headed up the PR for Factory Records and it was here that Tracey got to work with Tony Wilson, Rob Gretton and Alan Erasmus for which she said she will be forever grateful.

Tracey left Factory Record’s to have her daughter Paris and join her brother’s Anthony and Christopher with their clothing label that was growing at such a rate it was hard to keep up with the demand. Milo, Paris’ little brother who was born in 1994 and sadly Tracey was left on her own to bring up the children, however Tracey feels as if this made her stronger and gave her the determination to succeed in her work life, some of the following years were spent doing jobs that she didn’t really cherish but you do what you had to, to pay the bills and manage the house and the children.

Family is very important to Tracey, she has worked with her brother’s on a multitude of event’s and project’s over the years, one of the more recent project’s that was very successful was the formal fight club that Tracey hosted, which was a series of white collar boxing event’s, mixing music and fashion with boxing.

This year Tracey launched Hunky Dory Promotions which cover’s various event’s etc under its umbrella, such as Dj Agency, themed event’s and After Show parties two of which she will be hosting in Scotland this December in association with Let’s go Wayback the official After Show’s for the Happy Monday’s gig’s on the 22nd & 23rd of December. The Monday’s official After Show on the 22nd of December will be at Rock, Diner, Aces in Kilmarnock and the Glasgow After Show will be held at the Classic Grand in Jamaica St, Glasgow, Bez will be delivering an unforgettable Dj Set along with the iconic Jon Da Silva, Chris Bretten and Glasgow’s very own Bosco, tickets are available for these events from Skiddle, Ticket Scotland, The Coyote Whisky Bar, Social Recluse and McHuills Bar.

Tracey mentioned earlier that she thought she was lucky but Glasgow Eyes thinks she has worked very hard to make her own way and her own luck in life and we wish her every success with Hunky Dory and her future.

The Duchess @ Glasgow Eyes, 23 November 2017