It was a cold winter night in Glasgow and The Glasgow Eyes team were on the annual Christmas night out. Through a sea of Santa hats and drunken Glaswegians, we made our way to Cosmopol in Hope street.
It’s a bustling and vibrant place with friendly staff and a great atmosphere. After a few drinks, I heard the opening bars of Frank Sinatra’s My way. Imagine my surprise when I turned around to see Glasgow’s very own singer-songwriter and actor, Scott Peden in a three-piece suit belting out the old blue eyes classic.
The boy definitely is an actor, as it was like listening to the man himself. He received a great response from the Glasgow punters who gave him a raucous round of applause and one reveller said, ‘It was like Sinatra was in the room, that boys top class’ Scott who has had two studio Albums released and most recently, his single Moonlit Mile and appeared in films and television said, “I love Cosmopol, it used to be a live music venue and I started out here years ago. Ian Kennedy, the owner is a good pal and always supported me. He is a diamond and his place is great. It’s bustling seven nights a week. Ian and all his staff are lovely people”
It was good to catch up with Scott, who is a good friend of Glasgow Eyes and I spent the rest of the night drinking, being merry and indulging in the Christmas spirit with him. So, if you want a great venue or Karaoke venue that is open seven nights a week, get down to Cosmopol on Hope Street, you won’t be disappointed. I will definitely be back.
Great venue, great people, friendly staff and a great atmosphere.

Picture by Brian Anderson