Glasgow Life

The Princess’s Theatre in Main (now Gorbals) Street, during the run of its 54th annual pantomime, Tammie Twister, c 1934. The show starred George West (a boyhood friend of Tommy Lorne, who succeeded Lorne as the star of the Princess’s panto) and Kittie Franklyn. The entrance to the Palace Music Hall, also owned by Harry McKelvie, is on the right.

The theatre opened as Her Majesty’s in 1878 and became the Royal Princess’s two years later. It became famous for its pantomimes, the titles of which (like Tammie Twister) always contained thirteen letters.

The Citizens’ Theatre company leased the Princess’s in 1945 and renamed it the Citizens’. The building was acquired by Glasgow Corporation in 1955 and leased back to the theatre company, which continues to occupy the building in 2004.