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GEM Reviews: SIIGHTS Live At King Tuts       September 8, 2018

By Andrew Watson and Pictures by Brian Anderson

Many legendary bands have played the renowned auspices of King Tuts.  You only have to look at each individual step up as you ascend from the bar into the live venue area and you’ll see so many names from the world of music.  It’s a plethora of names that would probably constitute an article in itself.  Stone Temple Pilots, Oasis and KT Tunstall to name a few names that don’t even scratch the surface of the venue’s history.  Apparently the latter appeared here, and within two weeks she was on Later…With Jools Holland.

Kicking off this sold out gig was singer songwriter, Tamzene, 20, from Cromarty.  She was rousing, her voice rich with jazzy undertones and an expert piano player.  She could be the making of an unconventional popstar; just like one of her idols, Alicia Keys.

The main support, Shears, an act mysterious with seemingly no online presence, were a three piece consisting of keyboards, drum and vocal.  Said singer had the rock and roll attitude of Charli XCX without the bratty, maybe a tad stuck up flouncing.  The soundscape was at times harsh, brutal and industrial as her voice, floating and ethereal a pleasant dream amidst an engaging, atmospheric nightmare.

Following that was the headline act, SIIGHTS.  They comprise songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Mia Fitz, from Dublin; and songwriter, vocalist and musician, Toni Etherson, from Glasgow.  Last night they had the combined might of a backing band, too.

It was a proper Glasgow homecoming for SIIGHTS when they came onstage, Glaswegian Toni in particular laying claim to this tough and honest city.  They opened with “Got It”; a funky, stomping way to start things.  It wouldn’t have been surprising if those thumping feet were as one with the bass drum.  The song, you could say, is like the cocksure swagger of a lot of the Glaswegians there in attendance.

As said, the pop duo were complete with backing band, and so most of the set was arranged as so.  However, come “Lights Out”, things were stripped back just Toni and partner in crime, Mia, onstage.  This shifted things far more introspectively, though the underlying fire of the song’s spirit burned brightly without the need to embellish things with the backing of the band.

One of the arguable highlights of the night was “Alive”, the band back onstage.  Although, to put it bluntly, it was hard to shut up the joyous Glasgow crowd they toned it down for this track and got lost in the struggle and endeavour detailed in a song with a meaningful story.  You would seriously hope this track at one point gets the single treatment like for track, “Dance”, released just this Friday (September 7).

Speaking of “Dance”, the one that arguably started it all for SIIGHTS, this was back to more fun, dance in the sun summer vibes.  Funky, and the crowd went bananas by this point.  You’d look around and it wasn’t just the people out front near the stage area; it was right at the back of the room, too.  Call it a homage to Chic, call it a homage to The Sugarhill Gang, there aren’t enough Bernard Edwards-esque basslines in this world.

If the rowdy Glasgow crowd weren’t chanting Glaswegian Toni’s name throughout; they were shouting for the duo as a one, instead.  Mia at one point said Toni had told her to expect such shenanigans.  However, when they realised the set was done, they reverted to that old chestnut deployed by any self-respecting gig goer still hungry for more music.  “One more tune, one more tune!”

That they complied with, in the form of “Nobody Like U”.  This lilted in Caribbean fashion.  Booming bass drum conveying the up for it any day of the week, but particularly Saturday, crowd.  After, when they did come off the stage for good, the crowd were gutted but clamouring no more.  Still whooping, but happy they got their encore.  London beckons for the duo, and like Toni’s fellow Scot, KT Tunstall, maybe Jools Holland is only around the corner.

SIIGHTS’ latest track, “Dance”, can be bought on iTunes, here.  Catch them live at The Courtyard Theatre, London on Saturday, November 17, tickets, here.

Pics Brian Anderson

By Brian Anderson