Director’s vision Ray Burdis
New Ray Burdis film Last Kings of London to tell the incredible real story of Londons 60s Gangland, from Billy Hill, The Krays and Jack Spot to the gangbusting  Police who dared to take them on.
We bring you legendary London film director Ray Burdis famed of The Krays, The Wee Man and classic mob film Love Honour and obey starring Jude Law and Ray Winstone.
“When people are afraid of you… you can do anything…
Remember that”.Billy Hill Gangland boss 1960. Having produced the hugely successful KRAY film in 1990 I always felt that although I was very proud of the final result the story was never properly resolved. You may or may not remember that in the film Ronnie killed his south London rival George Cornell in the East Ends Blind Beggar pub and Reggie brutally despatching Jack (The Hat) McVitie in the basement of a north London flat. They then effectively went home to mum sat on a sofa and watched TV. A lot of the audience were left feeling… shortchanged.
I always felt there was a much deeper, darker story to be told.
Last Kings of London focuses on the London underworld set in the swinging 1960’s. Ruled by ruthless gangland bosses, Billy Hill, The Maltase,
the Kray twins, Frankie Fraser and the Richardson’s each trying to carve up a bigger slice of territory for their gangs. Mob war was spilling
onto the streets and impacting upon the lives of normal civilians. Detective Inspector, Nipper Read is brought in by the authorities to bring down the gangland empire at any cost. Knowing that the police force was rife with corruption and that many officers were in the Mob’s pockets.
He sets up an elite team of untouchables and sets about infiltrating the gangs and to bring down the wall off silence that surrounds them.
The story will unfold through the eyes of various characters throughout the film. My aim is that the audience will experience the ever-changing perspectives of the characters thoughts.
We will sense the fear , the helplessness and the loathing that was felt by the many individuals that were touched by the Mobs evil reign.
Last Kings of London will be contemporary 1960’s, highlighting the wonderful costumes, fashions, music cultural changes and designs of the period.
Visually there will be two very distinct textures to the film. The cold grey almost lonely world of Nipper Read, and the glamorous wonderfully warm Technicolor world of the Mobs.
This will be reflected in the costumes, lighting and indeed overall art direction. Epilogue In closing, the film is the true story of gangland London, not the myth that has evolved through time painting them as working class heroes. Having met , Ronnie and Reggie Kray many times and experiencing their warped perspectives on the real world I strongly feel the need to expose them for what they were Paranoid schizophrenic cold-blooded killers.

Nipper Reid