This week in Glasgow Eyes we  catch up with John Alite and the question on our mind is did John Alite outmanouvere the Gotti’s and the Gambino Crime Family.

There has been much written about John Alite and the Gotti Family over the years. John was as far up the chain as a non- Italian could be as a major player and enforcer for John Gotti Seniorr and the Gambino Crime Family.

Having been born to Albanian parents John and his siblings are first generation Albanian Americans. Brought up in a boxing family, which for many kids back in the 70’s meant getting the gloves on every-day and sparring in the living room. Boxing was something actively encouraged by John’s father Mathew who taught his boys the ropes and how to box from an early age .


Raised in Queens, John describes the area where he comes from as a ‘gangster neighbourhood’. As John was growing up Andy Lucciano who was a mademan in the Gambino family ran the neighbourhood.

Like a lot of young men John was attracted by the entrapment’s of the gangster ‘lifestyle’ especially the financial side of things. He quickly rose up through the ranks as he took care of everything he was ever asked to do by John Gotti Senior including babysitting his son John Gotti Junior.

John quickly realised within the first twelve months of being around the Gottis that the Gottis were running the empire to suit themselves and no one else, not even there loyal foot soldiers, generals or captains. They were making the rules up as they went along. One rule for the Gottis and another for everyone else. On some occasions blood was thicker than water and on others it was definetley was not as he witnessed members of the Gambino Crime Family being flung to the side or disgarded like a piece of rubbish.

John quickly learned that although he gave unconditional it was not being returned, it was for the most a one way streak, however by this time John was making so much money that he had become and was accustomed to the lifestyle that went with it. And he was not yet quite ready to walk away.

In the late 90’s there were many rumours circulating about certain members of the Gambino Crime Family co-operating or talking to the FBI, these members included John Gotti Senior and John Gotti Junior. this was      when John Alite found out that his so called friend John Gotti Junior had turned ‘Queens’ evidence against him having entered into proffer sessions with the Federal Beauro of Investigation (FBI).

In 2002 John Gotti Senior died in prison while awaiting trial in the highly publicised Mafia Commission Case.

It was not long after this John decided to take off and spent the next couple of years on his toes travelling through Europe to such places as Paris, Holland, Geneva, Albanian and eventually South America leading to his arrest and imprisonment in Ary Franco one of Brazil’s toughest jails.

While in Albania John spent time with his family who were hard working and respectful. John’s uncle like his father was not impressed by the ‘mob life’ and would tell John off about the company he would keep. John speak very fondly and open about his family in Albania, and you can see the respect John has for them, the family who were loyal to him at a very difficult time in his life, especially his cousin Remi Gjoka whom John states has been with him 100% through good times and bad.

John Alite speaks openly about his time served in prisons in the USA but when it comes to Ary Franco he said it is more like a rat infested concentration camp. John’s Spanish was quite good which helped him understand what was going on around him. He had to be constantly focused and alert and in control of your surroundings, constantly watching your back. 24/7 he was in survival mode watching every exit and every other con’s movements. 

While John was being held in Ary Franco, 11 made guys in the mafia co-operated with the FBI.

John Alite was never captured with being involved or carrying out a crime. The time John served was hard time he never seen an exercise yard in ten years and was constantly moved as a maximum security prisoner.

On John release from prison it was difficult to adjust. Having to re-build relationships with his children. Most of the money was gone, millions of dollars had been spent on Lawyers and the media who had been paid by the Gottis turned the story. Today John spends his time between his business and giving talks to young people to teach them about the pitfalls of a life of crime and help them find a pathway to a more positive future.

So the question is did John Alite outmanouvere the Mob, we will let you decide that when you have the opportunity to meet the man himself. John Alite will be answering all these questions and many more in the next few months in a number of dinner dance evenings that will be being hosted in London & other venues up and down the UK by Terry Sabini. Glasgow Eyes would like to wish John every success in the future and we will be eagerly waiting to catch up with John when he visits us here in our home town of Glasgow. 

Read Gottis Rules by George Anastacia which touches on John Alites life with the Gottis and the Gambino Family, and for a more in depth read the Darkest Hour by SC Pike both books available on Amazon, the Darkest Hour 2 is due to be released in 202 …the duchess@glasgoweyes.