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Words and Review – Gregg James Kelly 

Britpop Reborn after Leicester band Escapade win SoundWaves Music Competiton


Harking back to the halcyon days of the mid-nineties when Britpop ruled the airwaves and the UK charts were vibrantly soaked in guitar-based indie bands, arrives Leicester based Escapade, and their swaggering new single ‘Take My Love’.


Fresh from triumphing over 1000 competitors nationwide through the SoundWaves Music Competition, Leicester four-piece Escapade are ready to reaffirm Britpop’s position as a worthy adversary to the manufactured musical sound of this Millennial age.


Formed in 2015 and consisting of lead singer Sam Wyatt, lead guitarist Adam Bailey, bassist Jordan Alleston and drummer Martin Wenham, Escapade sound like an amalgamation of Oasis, Embrace and current Leicester locals Kasabian. Proud to wear their musical inspirations on their sleeve, the band come boasting a recommendation from Kasabian front-man Tom Meighan.


After hearing the band’s riotous single ‘Stepping Stones’ Meighan said, “It’s lovely what you’re doing, it’s a dog eat dog world my friend, and all of you stick to what you’re good at, and that’s music.”


With hints of Stone Roses and the guitar rifts of Definitely Maybe era Oasis, it’s understandable why judges at SoundWaves awarded Escapade top prize. Lead singer Sam Wyatt brings a fiercely confident voice to the music industry, a voice the industry is currently crying out for. In this era of male solo artists enveloping the current scene in a manufactured musical malaise, it’s refreshing to hear a little aggressively boisterous indie rock and roll.


With the band having recently concluded their first UK tour, lead singer Wyatt, and lead guitarist Bailey who divide songwriting duties, have been writing new material using experiences and inspirations gleamed from each venue and city they visited.


Since their inception in 2015, Escapade have developed an organic passionate following, relying on their live performances and catchy singles to increase awareness, the SoundWaves triumph guarantees the band will be concluding 2018, with huge amounts of exposure, greater success and ultimately for the charts a triumphant return to the guitar based riffs of the nineties.


With new release ‘Take My Love’ sounding fresh and exciting, and fresh material primed for release, it seems only a matter of time before Escapade come crashing through your radio.