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We caught up with the singing duo SIIGHTS  ahead of their sold out King Tuts show in a few weeks time.

The duo is made up of  Mia Fitz an established Songwriter / Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Vocalist from Ireland and Glasgow’s very own

songbird  Toni Etherson an acclaimed Songwriter  Vocalist and  Musician. The girls first met in 2016 after Mia came off a world tour playing with Hozier.

Spending their time locked away in a studio in the Hollywood Hills writing songs for some of the biggest names in music and getting millions of hits on youtube and are ready for Glasgow, here is the chat…


What drew you guys to the music industry?

Toni – I’ve always written poems which eventually developed into songs & id always sang for as long as I can remember. My dad got me my first guitar as a teenager & I taught myself how to play. Never looked back.


Who are you inspired by?

Mia – I’ve definitely been inspired over the years by a lot of different musicians/songwriters and artists.

I think Stevie Wonder is an incredible musician and writer. I definitely think managing to strike a balance between being an artist and a songwriter is a great achievement. I think Nile Rogers and Sia have done that really well.

Toni – Stevie Nicks is one of my biggest idols. I think she’s the epitome of an artist.

Songwriters like Nile Rodgers, Julia Michaels,  I really look up to, to establish yourself as a songwriter and an artist is amazing.


 Please explain your creative process

It can vary depending on the day, Mia is a multi-instrumentalist/producer & songwriter so it means we have different options when it comes to starting a project.

Most of the time we strip everything back to writing on guitar or piano. I think that’s where you can really tell if a song is good or not – before all the production. Mia will then start playing in some other instruments around it and building the track. We both tend to have quite similar visions for where we want to take each track and are both very hands-on during that process.


 What’s an average day like for you guys on the road

Toni – we’ve never toured as SIIGHTS yet, but day to day we’re always working on something.

We tend to both wake up early – Whether we’re in the studio/ taking meetings/ working on artwork or music video plans – whatever it happens to be we’re scheduling at that point.

We manage the project ourselves so being hands-on with every aspect of it is extremely time-consuming. We’re also really into social media & connecting with the people who support us personally online. That’s really important to both of us.

Most importantly we write. Songwriting is a mutual passion of Mia & I’s and it’s been a breath of fresh air to work so well with someone in that respect, so we write a lot and try the demo as many tracks as we can as we’re writing.


 Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

We’re pretty open-minded people & I guess that shows in our music.

Sometimes there is – we write from a personal place so if people connect and can identify with different parts of our music, that’s amazing. Whether its a track with a deeper more serious meaning or a fun track to blast in your car and go out and dance to.

Hopefully, we encourage people to believe in themselves and most importantly just be themselves and not let anyone stop them from doing that.

When we wrote ‘dance’ for example; a song we initially teased online when first launching the project, That song for us is about doing what makes you feel like your living & not just being stuck on the hamster wheel. On the front of it, it’s a fun/funky record but generally, there’s always depth to what we’re saying if your the kind of person who likes to think on lyrics and find the real meaning in them.


  Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans

We’re very hands-on with social media, we have a mailing list that we run via our website too. We often send our subscribers acoustic versions of songs / free downloads and private links to gig tickets ahead of general sale etc. Anything we can think of to make those who take the time out to support us feel special in return.

We love our fans and the support we get from them is so important to us so we invest a lot of our time in encouraging those relationships & feel very lucky to have the support we do. We don’t think of them like fans, we consider them as friends.

For our upcoming headline show at King Tuts in Glasgow; which is Sept 8. We’re going to do a meet & greet with 10 ppl before the show & hopefully will be able to do some meetups in other cities in the world as we travel for those who haven’t been able to get to Glasgow as it’s sold out.


 What is your favorite part of this line of work? Your least favorite? Why?

Being able to connect with people through music is an unbelievable gift. The idea that you can potentially soundtrack a special moment in someone’s life with words you’ve written or something you’ve sung blows me away.

Healing also, we wrote a song called ‘at Christmas’ which was about missing someone who is no longer with us at Christmas time. The outpouring of letters and messages from people was completely unbelievable, the song helped me feel better and then in the same breathe thousands of other people said the same thing to us.

That’s something you can’t even put a price on, I’m so happy and proud that that song helped those people in some way at such a hard time of the year for so many.

I think the negative is that there can be a lot of ups and downs in the music industry – it’s like a Rollercoaster! Also because you are doing what you love you can spend large periods of times working on something or traveling so don’t get to see friends and family as much.


 Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

Toni – I’ve battled with anxiety since I was a young teen. I was first diagnosed by my GP at 17, I didn’t know what it was and had never heard of it before. Recently I’m hearing a lot more people speak publicly about it & my sister and other people around me have been instrumental in me learning to cope with it. Ironically, my anxiety isn’t triggered by performance, I actually feel most comfortable and happy on stage. I find music is a real comfort for me.


Tell me about your favorite performance venues

Mia – I spent 2 years on tour with Hozier, so I got to play some amazing venues around the world during that time. I think Red Rocks in Colorado was definitely a highlight. It’s an amazing venue.

Playing The Grammys with Annie Lennox along with 3 sold out nights in the Ryman in Nashville & Radio City New York was incredible. Festival-wise – playing MainStage Coachella at sundown was also amazing.

Toni – I’ve played some amazing venues, but there are so many on my bucket list which I’ve yet to step foot in. The Barrowlands  &The Troubadour to name a few.

I was lucky enough to play the art school In Glasgow a few years ago & the sound in that room was amazing. So sad to hear what’s happened there recently with the fire.


Whats next for u guys and where can we catch this year    

We’ve got a few more singles lined up for release this year, one of which we just finished working on & we’re really excited for & we feel it’s real turning point for us as SIIGHTS.

We just announced our first headline show in LDN which is at The Courtyard Theatre November 17. It’s a stripped back / acoustic show so we’re really excited to get the chance to show our music in its organic form & play some unreleased music.

We’re also supporting The Dykeenies in the QMU December 7.

We head to the US just after our King Tuts show for a month, which we’re looking forward to also – Keep an eye on our social media as we’ll be updating it all the time on what we have coming up!

Thanks again Glasgow Eyes

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