Does It Snow in Glasgow?

does it snow in glasgow

Do you know the answer to the question, “Does it snow in Glasgow?” If you are thinking of visiting the city during winter season, then you will want to find out as much information as possible. Here is a list of some important facts that will help you make a decision about the weather and your accommodations.


Glasgow is a city located in Scotland on the west coast. Unlike other major Scottish cities, it does not receive a lot of snow. However, the city does experience a cold winter.

In winter, the temperature in Glasgow typically drops to -8/-9 degC (16/18 degF). Winters can be very cold and windy in Glasgow.

In the summer months, Glasgow has a relatively warm climate. Summers can be rainy. This can result in dry skin and cracked eyes.

Rainfall in the Glasgow area varies between 70 mm in the driest month to 160 mm in the wetest month. Most rainfall occurs in October through to March.

The average daytime temperature varies throughout the year. It is usually around 6 degC to 7 degC from December to February.

Daylight saving time (DST)

Daylight saving time (DST) in Glasgow is not what you’d expect. The city is only about 5 hours ahead of the United States and is located in the Eastern Standard Time zone. As such, it does not follow the standard DST ritual. However, it does not have the distinction of being the only Scottish city that does not observe this time-saving tradition.

Although it is not a new practice, the yearly switchover to standard time is a bit of a rarity. Until recently, the UK did not adopt DST. Instead, it followed a similar strategy to that of Germany and Denmark. This meant that clocks were switched back an hour at 2am and forward an hour at 8am.

However, the country was not without its share of controversy. For example, in the north of Scotland the December sunrise did not reach 10am as it does in London. That is because of an experimental one-hour forward shift.

Average rainfall

The average rainfall in Glasgow is 12.2 inches per year. This is not the highest of the UK cities, however. For instance, Lancaster is second and Preston is fourth.

Rainfall in Glasgow varies seasonally. In the drier months, rainfall is minimal. However, it increases dramatically in the autumn. Winter is cold and windy.

There is a difference in the length of the day. Glasgow’s shortest day is December 21, and its longest is June 21. During the summer, Glasgow has the most sunny days. On a typical day, the sun is up from early morning to late afternoon.

Water temperature is also a factor in the precipitation. In the drier months, the average water temperature is lower. During the summer, the average water temperature is high. Typically, it is above 55degF. Depending on the season, the water temperature can range from 44degF to 65degF.

Average snowfall

If you are planning a visit to Glasgow, Scotland, you should check the weather forecast before you arrive. This city is known to have some very cold and rainy winters, although the snow season generally ends in April.

The city is located in western Scotland on the Clyde river estuary. The temperature can be very cold in winter and the water is very chilly. There is an average of 82 days of precipitation per year.

Although the winters are cold and rainy, the city also experiences an oceanic climate. It is possible to get milder conditions in the summer.

In winter, there are days when the temperatures dip below freezing. Average daytime temperatures can range from 6 degC to 7 degC in the coldest months, but they can go down to -9 degC or lower at night.

Accommodation options

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