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The scene was set for ‘Three Women’, it was All Hallows Eve and the location was Daunt Books, founded by James Daunt in 1990, in London’s Holland Park Avenue.  The publisher Starhaven, founded in California in 1978 and revived in London in the mid-1990’s specialising in little works of art just like this one gifted to us by the Author Lucy Tertia George. With standing room only at Daunt Books ‘Three Women was sold out within the hour and the staff were dismantling the window display to feed the patrons in their quest for a copy.

A very well written book, although brought to us in fiction the book is based on true life events. ‘Three Women’ tells the story of how three women’s lives are intertwined by fate and destiny. Following the ‘Three Women’s’ journey you will visit Sicily, America, Sheffield, London and Australia and read about how their paths crossed and their individual stories of survival and mutual respect.

A fantastic read, charmingly entertaining. Glasgow Eyes is looking forward to Lucy Tertia George’s next publication. Signed copies are available direct from Starhaven Publishing by emailing and can also be bought from Waterstones and Foyles please see links below.

‘Three Women’, Lucy Tertia George addresses the guests at the launch at Daunt Books.,lucy-tertia-george-9780936315447?fbclid=IwAR2koFwCwWJ8dRAtrUI_OTg49FdmYdjxua8oHHBoBeSZ5vSOgLyyLN3aNaQ