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Tyneside is about to become Insane for Tomorrow Is Lost by Peter Mann 

They say in Westeros that Winter is Coming, on Tyneside it’s not winter that’s coming but Tomorrow is Lost as the five-piece juggernaut rock band tear all asunder.

In the fictional realm of Westeros, The Dragon Queen arrives in the shape of Daenerys Targaryen, whilst in reality the anarchy and mayhem, a visit to Tyneside’s realm of rock insanity, belongs to the enigmatic maiden, Cass King flanked by her own warriors of guitar-wielding duo Joe Mac and Ryan O’Hara, bassist Adam Clements, and drummer AJ Taylor.

The run-up to this year’s Halloween though will take on a whole new dimension as the ‘Insane’ rockers prepare to release their debut, yes debut, single, at Jumpin’ Jacks.

It’s hard to think they only arrived on the scene at the turn of the year, and the run they’ve had, under the guidance of manager Dave O’Hara, has been nothing short of surreal. In the eight months they’ve been on the scene they’ve performed at the city’s flagship O2 Academy half a dozen times, beginning there back in February.

Having provided support for He Is Legend, Chris Pryke and Inglorious on Tyneside the band have also wowed fans at the Doll4Fest at The Dolls House in Wales, Embers in Carlisle and The Underground in Bradford, just for added insanity.

It’s all part of a grand plan though, to be the biggest and best in the industry, in unison Tomorrow is Lost saying: “We want to be the next Guns N’ Roses and dream of playing on those big stages; headlining Download, Wembley Stadium, Madison Square Gardens, but it won’t change who we are and we’ll keep ourselves grounded.”

After only a handful of rehearsals at the turn of the year, the band burst onto the scenes in the Soundwaves finals at the O2 Academy, a venue fast becoming their spiritual home. From then onwards it’s been a meteoric, upwards surge from the Cass King fronted all-stars.

“It’s strange but we realised pretty much straight away that we not only clicked, but we belonged together,” said Cass.

“Yes, it was a baptism of fire (performing at Soundwaves at the O2 Academy) but it was in the best way possible and, musically, you can see the early developments, that’s what’s been exciting.”

“I only went there for that one night myself and it’s already been over six months,” continued Adam.

“All of our tacks though, they say what the music is about and we took a look at other acts, their differing influences, and to us it showed what their albums, what their story, is about.

“Now though, it is kind of weird as we’ve already done somewhere like the Academy so much, so soon, that about half the gigs we’ve done have been there and it’s getting more special every time we do it.”

Preparing to drop their debut single, ‘Insane,’ Tomorrow Is Lost are borne and rising like a stunning phoenix and they’ve already built up not only a cult following, but can also count on a good level of support from promoters and venues, whilst behind the scenes, along with O’Hara, they have Ed Charlton as their in-house photographer and Elliot Wain on videography duty, the pair well-versed in portraying the unique style which a band like Tomorrow Is Lost produces.

“Our name has given birth to the concept of, and the direction in which, the band is going in”, continued Cass.

“It’s all just a part of the bigger picture.

“The live shows which we do are really important to us and we believe they’re our biggest strengths.”

“We’ve had the opportunity to play at some really good events and support some really great bands.

“It’s fantastic we’re getting out there and are able to provide an element of surprise for people.”

“We’re still learning and, even though it’s been a pretty jam-packed start for all of us but whether it’s in front of 25 people, or 50,000, we’ll keep grounded,” finished Adam.

On October 28, at Jumpin’ Jacks, Newcastle, Tomorrow Is Lost welcome you into The Asylum for the launch of their debut single, Insane in a sold out showcase….