Tom Petty Autopsy Complete – Family Planning Funeral

It’s looking like it will be a wait to find out what caused the death of American Singer Tom Petty.

The LA County Coroners office has completed the findings and has listed the case as “deferred”, just another way of saying everyone now is waiting on the final results.

LA County Coroner’s Office spokesman Ed Winter tells the American media. This means the death certificate can be issued and Tom’s body released to a mortuary so his family can plan burial services.

Mystery surrounded  the death of Petty as the worlds media went into meltdown not knowing if he had actually died or not, digital and print media had to retract the initial reports several times through the night and reports on social media  announced his death as much as 7 hours early, when in fact he went on to life support.

Tom Petty the leader and singer of the iconic Heartbreakers and the band had just wrapped up the 40th-anniversary tour a week before he was found unresponsive in the Malibu home in California he shared with his wife and their family.

Music icons and fans across the world paid tribute when the news was broken of his untimely passing.

His funeral will do doubt be a who’s who of international famous friends who respected and truly loved the great man.

He will be sadly missed, but his music will live on.

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