Policing The Old Firm – Picture Story Exclusive

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Policing The Old Firm by Brian Anderson  EXCLUSIVE!

Glasgow Eyes was on street patrol in the City and bring you our exclusive photo essay.

Celtic played Rangers in the big derby match, tensions pretty high in this one.

I based myself outside the ground on London Road and captured these pics of Police Scotland and how they kept both sides apart on a potential flare-up on London Road.

At one point as both sides threaten to crank it up a few decibels, a crackpot decided to launch a smoke bomb into the horses, I thought it would kick off big time and was going into robotog mode.

As it happens hats off to Police Scotland in this one as it did threaten to turn tasty at one point, Police Scotland controlled the whole scene.

On the downside, my ankle crumbled yet again ( getting too old for this shit) and nearly got trampled to death by a horse.

Thankfully nobody got hurt, well apart from me.

All pics Brian A. Anderson for Glasgow Eyes

Calm before the storm



By Brian Anderson


High Tension


Horses in play
Smoke Bomb


Rival fans clash


Police line


Holding the line


Boxed in


Move on


Horses in action


Officer down
In the middle of London Road


The walk up London Road


The Glasgow banter


Police holding the line


The dance off


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