Pale Green Things announces new single ‘Fairy Lights in Albert Square’

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Pale Green Things announces new single ‘Fairy Lights in Albert Square’

Pale Green Things announces new single ‘Fairy Lights in Albert Square’ As the festive season approaches, Pale Green Things, returns with an alternative
Christmas track to accompany the gritty reality of life. ‘Fairy Lights in Albert Square’ is an alt-indie anthem that tells the
story of a lone figure in a Manchester Christmas market, reflecting on personal turmoil – a poignant recognition that despite the ‘baubles and cheer’ there can still be a darkness for some. The ambient
piano, minor acoustic chords and brooding drums all beautifully encapsulate the emotive atmosphere of this cold December night.
Pale Green Things is the solo project of Jack Traynor, who sings and plays every instrument featured. As he explains himself “I didn’t intentionally write a Christmas song, it was more about capturing that

feeling you get in winter, when every emotion seems so much stronger. You feel extra low and alive at the same time.” Private Soundcloud link – Fairy Lights in Albert Square, is the first follow up to Traynor’s highly praised debut album, ‘The Beasts in the Hearts of Men’ which was almost exclusively
recorded in his own flat. This new single, which takes influence from bands such as REM, The National and Interpol, moves in a new production direction, working with both SSR, formerly known as the iconic Spirit Studios and EVE studios in Stockport. Pale Green Things has been featured on NME Emerging and performed with Nine
Black Alps, Dave McPherson as well as playing Noel Gallaghers after-party. ‘Fairy Lights in Albert Square’ will be available on most online platforms from 7th December 2018.
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