New Book – The definitive story of East End Hard Man Roy Shaw, as told by the Shaw family.



The definitive story of East End Hard Man Roy Shaw, as told by the Shaw family.

A book has just been published about one of Britains most notorious figures Roy Shaw.

Written by Jamie Boyle and Roy Shaw’s son Gary Shaw.

The book titled Mean Machine takes us on an icredible journey through Roys life in the East End of London to his rise to become one of the greatest fighters in the murky unlicensed world of boxing.

Published by warcrypess and its out now.


Roy ‘The Rascal’


In his twenty’s there’s no doubt about it, Roy Shaw wasn’t going to stack shelves at Asda so alternatively he became a fully blown career criminal.

His sister Sheila’s husband Terry, Roy’s brother in-law, had other ideas for his relation through marriage. It was Terry who seriously influenced Roy into pulling off the quick money or as them two preferred to call it “the blags”. Those two were robbing security vans and post offices all over Southern England. A grand here, £800 there, bearing in mind that they were large sums of money to rob in them days, it was the 1950s. At that time £1000 was a year’s wages I mean you could buy a house in Dagenham for that kind of money.


Roy and Terry became extremely successful at pulling off these blags because of the lack of D.N.A testing and cameras, among other things, that we have today. It was a terrific time for the young Terry and Roy to be  career criminals as the chances of getting caught were very slim, unless you were really thick, which is something those two were not. Terry was by far the brains of the outfit and Roy was the braun, they made an incredibly successful double act.

Author Jamie Boyle