MTTP Poker kicks off brand new season

Glasgow Eyes Magazine 

Business Feature

MTTP the Pub Poker League for Scotland kicks off its new league season August 1st. The current regional champion is Richard Lang who defeated the largest field in recent times, coming in 1st place from 48 others! This was Richards first ever regionals and you just couldn’t wipe the smile from his face in the end!

The league continues to bring an influx of players each week with new players joining with a variety of skill level. New players are always welcome with loads of support and patience being shown at the table.

The league aims to bring a fun, relaxed and friendly approach to the game with the opportunity to make sponsorships towards earning some big money. Richard Harris was a regional winner who took full advantage of his sponsorship and during his time as a sponsored poker player he was able to rack up an impressive amount of cashes and earn himself a nice little pay day with it.

MTTPoker also recently joined up with Unibet to promote their Glasgow event and offered their players the chance to enter this £215 tournament for FREE! One player who was able to win his seat and make use of his opportunity was Thomas Mullen, five time regional winner. Thomas made it all the way to the final table and managed to secure a £1,600 pay day for his efforts and the best part about it, he entered for FREE!

So, fancy learning the game? Fancy making some money? Fancy getting involved in these amazing opportunities? Then find where your nearest venue is at