Monster of a Christmas Advert by John Lewis featuring Beatles Classic

Some of the greatest creative people have been employed to make the latest Chritmas John Lewis advert.

Over the last few years John Lewis has turned its Chrismas adverts into a media senstion and this one is no diffirent.

Last years bouncing boxer went down a real treat, and this year feels like we have been waiting on the release of a Hollwood epic.

Meet Moz  the Monster this year,  a large snoring and farting under-the-bed monster.

Award winning screenwriter Michael Gondry, the director behind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was on board to produce this years monster advert.

Sountrack to the advert is the classic Beatles song Golden Slumbers from the Abbey Road Album produced in 1969 and performed by Elbow.

Sure to be  monster of a hit this one.

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