Legendary News Photographer John Gunion Retires

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Legendary news photographer John Gunion retires.

We were lucky enough to work and got to know John over the years in the daily grind of the newspaper world. He now moves on to pastures new we take a look back in this collection of John’s  very fine work over the years as a tabloid photographer.

We also caught up with John this week and asked him to tell us about how he broke into the big bad media world and stayed for such a long time.


Name, John Gunion, known to most of my colleagues as Jon Bon Gunion….. because I’m an eternal rocker.
Was born in Kilwinning in 1958. Left school at age 17 with a hand full of “O” grades one of which was Art. Got several jobs I was not interested in or suited to before becoming a civil servant with the Ministry of Defence. During this I went to night school and got the qualifications I should have got at school but just didn’t apply myself.

Spent 10 years in the MoD which I hated, and always wanted to do something with my Art which was my best and favourite subject at school. Finally got the courage to get out of Civil Service and went to Glasgow College of Building and Printing, now Glasgow City College, and did a course in vocational photography. During this time I discovered I had an aptitude for snapping people, which led to me going to Sheffield Stradbrook College to complete their NCTJ training course. Finished top of that year’s class and decided to come back to Scotland and freelance.

The Sunday Mail then The Daily Record took an interest in me and I ended up as one of their regular freelancers for 13 years, doing all kinds of news and sport. As shifts started to dry-up in the early 2000’s the Sun took an interest in me and I moved across the river as one of their “staff” photographers. Stayed with them for 17 years. The Sun took me all around the world, snapping Royals, sport, wars until I retired this year. It was the greatest job in the world. It took me places, where I met people and did thing the ordinary man in the street can only dream about. It was a privilege to have been a snapper at that level and to have worked with some of the greatest journalists and photographers in the business….. including your very Brian Anderson at Glasgow Eyes.

Thanks, John and best of luck for the future.

My friends, would you indulge me for a few moments………. ? 30 years as a snapper for the biggest newspapers in Scotland, but now it’s time to switch off my flash, close down my laptop and replace my lens cap for the last time, as I take my leave and retire. My time as a photojournalist has been nothing short of amazing; I’ve done things, met people, been places and bore witness to some of the most incredible events in Scotland and across the World. I’ve seen humans in their darkest and utterly despairing moments, and also in the light and uplifting joy they can inspire. I have, on more occasions than I care to remember, literally had a front row seat at history. To quote quite a few of my ex girlfriends, “Wow, what a ride!”My work wasn’t just a career; It was a privilege. Before I go I’d like to thank those who nurtured my talent and had the good grace to tell me when I was crap.

Gepostet von John Gunion am Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2018