Iconic Unsigned Glasgow Band Scheme Sell Out Venues 30 Years On.




Exclusive Picture by Brian Anderson 

Iconic Unsigned Glasgow Band Scheme Sell Out Venues 30 Years On.

The legendary Glasgow band Scheme this week play not one but two sold out gigs at St Luke’s, which has fast became a go to destination for some of Glasgow’s coolest music gigs.

Glasgow Eyes had the pleasure of joining the band in their final rehearsal before Friday & Saturday nights gigs and can vow that the audience is in for a treat.

Like every band over the years Scheme has had its ups and downs, ins and outs and black, white and grey areas and like every great band the ultimate thing happens when they pick up their instruments they make amazing music that makes the audience want to sing along, clap there hands, dance and get lost in the music

For those of our readers who are not familiar with the band, Scheme were the only unsigned band to sell out the Glasgow Apollo. The band were also offered a record deal by the man behind Virgin which they didn’t take as they were not willing to drop their political views. The band had been big supporters of the working-class strikers and held many benefit concerts to raise funds for the miner’s family’s during the strikes. 

Scheme songs are legendary amongst Glasgow music lovers. Many who first hear them will comment that they sound like Men at Work however when actually it is the other way around, Men at work sound like Scheme as they were writing and making music over 40 years ago. 

The band is gifted to have some of Glasgow’s most talented musicians, song writers and definitely one of Glasgow’s, if not the UK’s finest drummers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.

Sadly, over the years a couple of the original band members have passed away, and when the band are playing they always pay tribute to their musical comrades who have gone before them, John Smith and George Wright. 

With a combined age between the band of over 300 years they are definitely a force to be reckoned with right up there with the likes of the ‘Stones and the Who’. The only difference being Scheme, have carried on through the bands love of music and not through fruitful gains. They may have mellowed with age but that only adds to the enjoyment of making and preforming great music together.

For those of you who have been fortunate enough to secure tickets for this weekend’s gigs Glasgow Eyes can assure you, you will not be disappointed. Glasgow Eyes would like to thank the band for allowing us access and we wish them every success in the future. Glasgow Eyes will be watching….the Duchess @ Glasgow Eyes.

Legendary Scheme by Brian Anderson