Football legend Ally McCoist reveals he wants a role as Glasgow gangster in next Peaky Blinders series

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Football legend Ally McCoist has revealed he wants a part as a Scots gangster in the next series of BBC hit drama Peaky Blinders about

Birmingham gangs of the 1920s starring Cillian Murphy and Paul Anderson.

The Rangers striking legend has said he would love to play a member of the infamous Glasgow razor gangs in his favourite show.

Writer Steven Knight has told how Glaswegian hardmen will be starring alongside the Shelby clan in the fifth series of the crime saga.

He described the gangs in the city as the “hardest” in Britain at the time the drama is set during the 1920s and 1930s and is currently researching their history.


“I don’t know if he will give me a call. I might be holding out false hope. Steven if you’re listening call me, speaking to the media 

“I did tell him I had done a bit of acting with Bobby Duvall.

“I get a Christmas card from Bobby Duvall every year and he says ‘I hope you’re well Ally, I thought you were brilliant in that film’.”

Knight said he would love to bring the cast and crew to Glasgow when they start shooting the series later this year.


The Glasgow “razor gangs” of the pre and post-war years, operated in traditional working class areas, using violence to enforce their criminal trade in alcohol, gambling and money lending.

The names of the gangs included the Bridgeton Billy Boys, the Calton Entry and the South Side Stickers.

The Billy Boys with Billy Fullerton centre