Eyes Through Time Glasgow 89 to 93


Eyes on the Cranhill Arts Project 

Eyes Through Time is a series of historical photo of Glasgow’s yesteryear.

We take a look at a small selection of various photos by a famous arts project for Cranhill.

The photographs in the Glaswegians Photo Archive were taken between July 1989 and early 1993 by people involved with the Cranhill Arts Project.

The idea was to document the lives of Glaswegians from our point-of-view – very much an insiders look at our city.

This simple idea grew into the biggest single documentary photography project ever undertaken in Scotland. In the run up to this time, through involvement with Cranhill Arts, a group of local people, had developed skills and experience in photography. Glaswegians PhotoArchive was a way we could contribute a document, a record and a testament to our city, our fellow citizens and for the future.

The photographs taken were widely exhibited in 1990 and 1991. Many participants have since gone on to work full-time as photographers.

Glasgow Nights
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