Eyes on Rocknrolla Alex Lowe as he gets ready to star in the movie about Creation boss Alan McGee!


Glasgow Eyes bring you an interview with  Rocknrolla Alex Lowe singer-songwriter and frontman of Hurricane#1  on the new album, working with Alan McGee and growing up in Scotland.

Your a good Scottish lad, what part of Scotland Alex where you born your born. (GEYES 
I was born in Perth raised in a small town called Blairgowrie, but also lived in Canada on and off for 13 years. (AL)
Can you remember the time you got into music, and when did you know rock n roll was for you as a career.
I started to get into music seriously when I was 13. I would listen to all my mother’s records from the 60’s and that was when I new I wanted to be a pro musician.
Where did the band’s name come from?
To be honest I cant remember I think it was Alan Mcgee’s idea at the time so we just ran with it. Looking back we kind of invented the Hashtag# to be mainstream.
What is your musical influences and icons?
Its got to be The Beatles. If it wasn’t for them I would never have picked up the guitar. But I also listen to a lot of early Elvis and Johnny Cash The best Elvis period was 54-57 that’s when he was at his best also love all his old Sun Sessions.
Hurricane no 1 was formed the mid-90s during that whole brit-pop scene, what was that like for u and the guys
It was mad times crazy times.
Anything was possible and everything was available a great time to be in. I always say it must have been like the 60’s.
never give up! And don’t believe anyone but yourself.
Your band was on the creation label can you give us any funny stories on working with the genius McGee and the brit pop scene in general.
 Alan was and is a genius in the sense that he will say stuff and you will look at him and go WHAT? but he is always right at what he does sees and hears. He’s a good friend foremost to me and we talk business after all the pleasantries. Haha. he was a bit mental in the 80’s and early 90’s, I think I caught him on the comedown. 
How do you feel now Alex on how the internet has its effect on music today.
To me it’s a love-hate relationship. I love it because you can be in touch with people you need to be in touch with in an instant but at the same time bands and artists are trying to make a living from their music but everything is either for pennies like downloads, or its free its a bit shit really in that sense. We all have bills to pay.
Hows the new music sounding.
 Hurricane are on their 5th album release Melodic Rainbows which is released in November I think. We have decided as a band that we are going to release a new single every month for 12 months I think our next one MOST ANYTHING is released November 6th. Melodic Rainbows was produced by Danny Sabre who worked with U2 The Stones David Bowie so it was in great hands, It was recorded in Scotland and engineered by our studio keyboard player and studio owner Steve Ransom whom I have known for 30 years now.
Whats the future go in store for you guys, and you have you solo stuff on the go also.
We just want to keep releasing music and hang in thee for as long as we can.
2018 looks to be a busy  year for you guys a lot going on you are touring and selling out venues already in advance
 Yea we will be busy for sure so people, keep an eye out for us. Also, I will be filming soon for the new Alan McGee movie, I will be in that recording starts in London next week.
Whats on your playlist these days I listen to a lot of old stuff. I’m not a big fan of new bands or what I mean is I’m lazy to look out for new bands I listen to a lot of Americana stuff Johnny Cash Elvis The Jayhawks a lot of southern American Rock as well. Doing a lot of Dylan as well.
Is there any hope today for young bands, any advice you would give yourself starting out.
Yea never give up! And don’t believe anyone but yourself.
thanks for the chat Alex and best of luck buddy from Glasgow Eyes Thanks so much Brian was a pleasure.
Alan McGee by Brian Anderson

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