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GEM Interviews: SIIGHTS – Triumphant Homecoming For Toni, How It Compares To Dublin Shows For Mia And The Future


Exclusive interview with singing sensation SIIGHTS BY ANDREW WATSON 


We caught up with the singing duo, SIIGHTS, after their recent sold out King Tuts show only a month ago.


They comprise of Mia Fitz (songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist) from Dublin; and Toni Etherson (songwriter, vocalist and musician), our own songbird from Glasgow.


The girls first met in 2016 after Mia came off a world tour playing with Hozier.


They’ve spent their time locked away in a studio in the Hollywood Hills writing songs for some of the biggest names in music and getting millions of hits on YouTube and are ready to step out in their own right after the success of King Tuts and having already built a significant fanbase of their own.


Here’s what they had to say…


What do you have to say about your first ever headline show?

SIIGHTS – It was unreal! We loved it, people traveled from all over the UK as well as Glasgow to be there so we can’t thank them all enough for their support.


How have people reacted in Glasgow as opposed to elsewhere?  This could be as a gig goer, if not performer.

SIIGHTS – Glasgow crowds are amazing! They always give so much energy and sing so loud! What more can you ask for as a gig goer and as a performer?  Glasgow shows are always a dream.


Would you be able to compare it to shows say, in Mia’s case, Dublin?  This could be as a gig goer, if not performer.

Mia – Both are absolutely amazing – the awesome thing is that you can hear the different accent depending on where you are as they sing with you!


Whom of the two cities are the most animated and passionate, in terms of crowd?  This could be as a gig goer, if not performer.

SIIGHTS – They’re both amazing cities, it would be impossible to try and compare!


Where have you done shows thus far?

SIIGHTS – King Tuts was our first, headline show, and it sold out which was an amazing.  We have our next headline show coming up in London on November 17, we’re also supporting The Dykeenies in December.


Where are you determined to play, if you could play anywhere across the globe; country, venue or both?

SIIGHTS – We’d love to tour the world and get to meet as many of our fans in person as possible because we’re so grateful for all their amazing support.


When arranging music, particularly live, when is it the backing of session musicians and when is it just the two of you onstage?

SIIGHTS – We are both musicians and so we can play shows stripped back to just the two of us, covering keys, guitar, bass, synth and percussion. Then we can always add musicians as we go depending on how much we want to upscale the production/depending what the gig or venue is, etc. It’s really great to be able to have the option of upscaling or stripping back the set to cater to whatever the situation – it also keeps it interesting for us as musicians.


You released “Dance as a music video a couple of years ago, and just released it as a single on Friday, September 7.  Would you consider something similar for “Alive, seeing as it, too, has a video?

SIIGHTS – We love “Alive” and it gets such an amazing reaction when we play it live so we may well consider releasing it officially at some stage, maybe when we do a body of work.


Would you ever perform the Trial & Error remix of “Got It”, or would you have to be onstage with the fellow Dubliners?

SIIGHTS – We’d defo give it a spin if we ever play a DJ set, it’s a great remix!


Would you ever perform the Sir Felix track you collaborated on, “Let It Go”, or would you have to be onstage with him?

SIIGHTS – Again, it’s probably something we’d consider spinning if we play a DJ set. We’ve never had the chance to see Felix live but we may catch him next time we’re in Amsterdam.


Would you ever perform the E5quire track you collaborated on, “Always”, or would you have to be onstage with him?

SIIGHTS – This is a track we sometimes do acoustically, so we could always do that at one of our shows.


Are there any acts and genres that’ve only turned your heads in the relatively recent past?

SIIGHTS – We’re inspired every day by music and how it’s evolving. Brockhampton, Billie Eilish and Sasha Sloan are three acts we’re really into right now.


What’s been your career highlight, thus far?

Mia – With SIIGHTS I have to say having our first headline show sell out – it was such a special night. As an engineer/producer I have been lucky enough to record and work with some amazing orchestras which has been great. As a musician I would say playing the Grammys with Hozier and Annie Lennox, along with a sold out Red Rocks and Radio City, NYC.

Toni – Personally, a sold out headline show in my hometown with my own project was a big moment I’ll never forget. Also having Danny Howard at BBC Radio 1 support a song I wrote for someone else by playing it a bunch of times on ‘R1 Dance Anthems’ was also really cool.


Whereabouts do you picture yourselves in the more distant future, or what do you hope will be the case? 

Toni – As songwriters/producers, we’d both like to spend more time writing and collaborating.  As SIIGHTS we’re excited to finish our debut EP and release it, then tour as many parts of the world as we can.


Are there any songs, EPs or albums in the pipeline in the near future for SIIGHTS?

SIIGHTS – One hundred percent, we have something new coming before the end of 2018 which we’re really excited about and we’re also working toward our debut EP.


Also visit their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, iTunes and website pages to keep tabs on SIIGHTS.