All Eyes On Glasgow Author and Musician Frank Somers



Glasgow Eyes chats with local writer and musician

Frank Somers is a multi-insrumental musician from Glasgow and is the author of 2 books click on link for for info.

We caught up  Frank  who has just relased his new book Sun Down Journey and fired a few question at him.

When did you start with playing music how did you get into writing What’s the process of writing and making music

I started to play the drums at 15/16 then picked up the guitar early 20s. I always wanted to write a fiction account of mental illness in my life. I find it challenging being in “Fortunate Flame” but we have mutual respect.

What are your influences Frank

My own music has been described as like The Beatles; Stone Roses or Velvet underground type of sound so all those groups are legendary

What do you enjoy about being in a band

There’s never been a better time to be in a band because it’s so easy to arrange Gigs and meet like minded musicians.

Whats the deal with the lastest albums

I’ve released both albums on Milton Arts project label,but don’t have a deal. I write songs myself. On both Albums I played most instruments but my Niece Niamh Dillon played Piano,violin and keyboard on the second album. Iain Morrison (Trans Atlantic Sessions) played keyboard and Banjo on second too.

We can catch Frank Somers live soon  Milton Community Graden. Liddesdale Square. Milton. G22. Date unknown. Milton Music festival 14th September. G22.

All the best for the future Frank and see you in Sept