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South Coast author closing in on second book release

Signed and sealed, ready for a second offering, South Coast author, Lucinda Lamont, 31, looks back on Cupidity, her debut novel.
Originally from north o’ the border, Lamont was born in Aberdeenshire and raised in the easternmost point of the Scottish mainland, in Peterhead, whilst her debut book could well be set in anywhere idyllic across the British Isles.
A love triangle dramatization set during World War Two, Lamont, mother to the adorable Jenson, released Cupidity on the day her son was due back in October.
Nine months on and she’s ready to go again, in double quick time, after having giving herself a year to write her current masterpiece.
“I had a synopsis, characters, but wanted certain things to happen as well,” explained Lucinda.
“I like drama personally but would love for them to be more risky; that’s what I found myself doing with Cupidity.
“It came from a dream I had and some of the scenes are actually quite risqué, especially regarding some of what went on in that time – some might say taboo.
“It was a rather promiscuous time and I wanted to portray a specific look behind closed doors so to speak.”
Having received positive feedback from an eager fan-base, readers are clamouring for a second offering from the Chandlers Ford writer.
“When I started writing (Cupidity) I honestly didn’t think I would finish it,” continued Lucinda.
“I didn’t have any expectations of how things would work.
“Although a lot of research and referencing went in, I didn’t want it to be an historical account of that period.
“In fact one of the decisions I made when writing Cupidity was to not set it in any one place as well, that’s for the readers to decide.”
Although still far from running its course, Lucinda has moved on from Cupidity and will soon be releasing her second, one which she describes as being “more of an airport-type book.”
“I enjoyed writing Cupidity but this one is completely different,” she added.
“It’s more a story revolving bad relationships.
“I think the reader would hope the protagonist will get a happy ending but I’ve left it fairly open.
“I suppose for the main character, it’s a coming of age book as she learns what she doesn’t want; so, it has a modern day play to it, is quite topical offering and also comes with a bit of a message to it.”
Available from Waterstones and WH Smiths, you can also purchase Cupidity, published by Britain’s Next Bestseller, via Amazon at the following links – U.K http://amzn.eu/c3AGau3 and USA http://a.co/15rvZpd

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