Debut release ‘Freedom’ by Azim set for later this year

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Debut release ‘Freedom’ by Azim set for later this year

Singer-Songwriter Azim releases his debut release Freedom in October, and Glasgow Eyes can reveal that the singer who has been tipped for great things in the music industry by some of the biggest names in the music scene will be playing The Bungalow in Paisley on 18th October as part of the brand new material getting released.

Also, check out the superb video of the single Freedom which has a film noir style to it with Azim walking through the gritty docklands area of London. A full review of Freedom coming soon in Glasgow Eyes.

Azim is a singer and songwriter from London who began his creative journey three years ago. Inspired by the return of one of his musical heroes, Yusuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens), Azim started learning the acoustic guitar and before long was penning songs that fused his experiences of growing up in London with some of the more disruptive political changes we have witnessed recently.


Undoubtedly, conflict and tension is a theme that can be seen right through his music. But whether it’s a tale of love between religious or socio-political opposites, or the epic odyssey of a migrant father fleeing war, Azim always strives to give a rounded view encompassing both the adversity and triumph of the human condition. In his own words ‘There’s so much to being much out there to draw upon, especially since we had Brexit and Trump…I don’t want to hide from any of it’.


Musically, Azim is an enigma and trying to pin his musical influences to the mast of a specific genre is not straightforward. There are strong political elements in the tradition of protest musicians such as Joan Baez, Neil Young or Bob Dylan. Yet his sound is varied and each song seems to pick its own genre with touches of Britpop (The Verve, Oasis), 60s psychedelia (the Doors) and even 80s synth pop all thrown into the creative cauldron. In the internet age, where Metallica is being mashed up with 2Pac, artists have the luxury of diversifying their musical portfolio and Azim embraces this by selecting genres that best express the content of his songs.


Azim has been busy in the studio working with Glasgow Hitman John McLaughlin. His debut release will be ‘Freedom’ and will be available on most online platforms from 11th October.

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