British Sinatra Garry Driscoll Releases Classic Christmas Song

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Britains Sinatra releases new Christmas single.

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Check out the brand new Christmas single from classic crooner Gary Driscoll. Hailing from Londons East End he’s been in the music business for over 20 years and takes us back to special classic music time of Bobby Darin and old blue eyes himself Sinatra.

His vocal style, praising and diction has often been compared with Matt Monro and Frank Sinatra. Over the years he has sung at many gangster book launches and often held at one of London’s infamous pubs, the “Blind Beggar”. He was also requested to sing at Reggie Kray’s funeral wake or as he puts it “made an offer I couldn’t refuse”. His single “The Old East End Tonight” which was released in 2017, is a big band swing song about the Kray twins, and features in the British true crime feature film “Rise of the Footsoldier 3”, about Pat Tate and the Essex Boys. He was also invited to sing his song at the latest Kray’s reunion party held at Castle Camelot, the house of London celebrity gangster Dave Cortney (see photo). He is also known for being the club singer in the Scottish gangster movie ”The Wee Man” about Paul Ferris, where he sings Matt Monro’s “Portrait of My Love”.

Download Gary’s classic Christmas song available now


My new release for Christmas. also available to download on Spotify, ITunes, Amazon and all other major stores worldwide.

Gary Driscoll by Brian Anderson








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