Liverpool born and bred, Chris Grant is one of the world’s best new singer-songwriters who has

always performed straight from his heart.

“His main preoccupation is writing big songs capturing northern innocence. It’s soulful escapism
that eschews the hard man approach to song writing. As with the best bands I’ve known, I get
excited to hear the new songs and his musical progression. When Chris gets it right, it’s like a
showdown against apathetic rock’n’roll. He is reminding me more and more of a young Noel

Alan McGee

Early in his career, Chris earned awards in music from none other than Paul McCartney. He was
called up onto the stage at the prestigious Philharmonic in Liverpool to a full house and handed the
accolade by the ex-Beatle himself after completing a course in the LIPA music college that allowed
unemployed locals who had the talent to audition for a place, paid for by a government scheme
(new deal for musicians ), of which ironically Alan McGee was a part of before their paths had


Alan first discovered Chris via Myspace back around 2007 when he was fronting his band The Grants
with his brother Anthony. In due course, the band performed at McGee’s West London club night
Death Disco/The Borderline and venues across the UK building a huge following and they were one
of the first bands to get huge streaming numbers without the backing of any major label.
“Like me, Chris is a round peg in a square hole,” said Alan. “I would have signed Chris, but I didn’t

have a label. It’s taken half a decade for the planets to align.”

The Grants went on to be hailed as ‘The Best Unsigned Band in The World’ by The New York Post
and earned critical acclaim across Europe and America and even once turned down a major
management deal from Elton John and his team after headlining In the City 2008 the major music

industry festival, choosing instead to remain independent.

In 2013, Alan signed Chris as a solo artist to his 359 Label and he released his album ‘It’s Not About
War!’, going on to say it was one of the best albums he has ever put out, himself favouriting the
track ‘like A 45’ which tops his Spotify playlist every year for the most plays. The single from the
record ‘It’s You’ was playlisted on BBC Radio for a time and names such as Jools Holland and Trevor
Nelson placed it on their respective shows and it was not long before it got the attention of Sire
Records music mogul Seymour Stein who wished to sign Chris to Sire and Warner US after Alan
played him the album in his New York office. “He is a great artist, performer and most of all a great

songwriter, and I told him so,” Seymour Stein said in 2014.

“Chris could be one of the few artists in the history of Liverpool – after Echo and the Bunnymen –
to step out of the shadows of The Beatles,” claims Alan. “Why? His song writing is equal that of
the Ocean Rain-era Bunnymen duo who were writing unaffected, orchestrated, dark, and romantic
songs, they created their own world and in every song from Chris, I hear Grant’s world.”
The stars have aligned again, and Chris is to release new music on McGee’s new Creation 23 label in
2019 after hearing the songwriter’s latest offerings. ‘Drawing Lines’ to be the first release from Chris

on Creation 23 will be released on the 14th of June this year.

Drawing Lines / Magical Mystery War 7-Inch
Release Date: 14/06/2019




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