MTTPoker Regional Finals

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MTTPoker Regional Finals
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This past Saturday the 2nd December, MTTPoker ran their periodic Regional Poker Finals! There were over 200 players attempting to reach the finals and after 3 months of the qualifying period we were able to lock in the top 42 players.
There were some talking points throughout the day from bad beats, good plays and the amazing spread put on from the venue hosts The Nia Roo Bar & Lounge. MTTPoker also introduced the newest member to their management team in the form of Scott McAtear who has stepped up to help with the runnings of the league.
Amongst the players were 5-time Regional Finals winner and Champion of Champions winner Thomas Mullen and Tartan Poker Pro Joseph McCrystal! One player missing was current Regional Champion and the first MTTPoker player put forward for the Tartan Poker Sponsorship package, Martin Craig. This meant there would be no back to back wins for Martin but the spot was open to crown a new champion! With many new players joining the league lately, it also meant the chances were high of announcing the first-time champ on their debut final!
As the field whittled down from 6 tables to 1 there were some big stacks being built which would have put some players in a great position to go all the way. However, everyone knows tournaments can be lost and won in just one hand! That is how it ran for Richard Harris who came to the final table and played exceptionally well to battle his way through and rake in pot after pot. In the end he reached the heads up stage of the tournament, the final chapter in the story, and he was up against a competitor familiar with this position and that was five-time Regional Champion Thomas Mullen! Thomas might have won five of these but he is also no stranger to coming second at these tournaments, he also came second to Martin Craig at the last Regional Final! Richard was up against it and would be deemed the underdog in this battle. However, with the luck of the cards and some great play, Richard was crowned our Regional Finals Champion for the first time in his career! Not only did Richard take home the largest share of the prize pool but he also claimed a Tartan Poker Sponsored Pro Package worth over £500!
As much as this fairy-tale ending belongs to Richard we must also congratulated Thomas on yet another final table and yet another deep run in this event! He was certainly the odds-on favourite during the WeeBookie takings before the event started! Special mentions to the other final table competitors; Marc Smith, David Bleasdale, Jamie Cairns, Andrew Galloway, Grant O’Rourke and Stephen Murray (also a previous Regional Final Champion).
The current qualification period has only just started and there are loads of games left to play, so if you want to get involved then check us out on Facebook @MTTPOKER and visit our website to find out your nearest venue to play!

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